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Connect the Dots (standard:Fan Fiction, 1057 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: May 13 2011Views/Reads: 1697/827Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
On Dan's request Juggernaut connects the dots only to find a big picture that Dan don't like it.

Connect the Dots 

Subba Rao 

“Connect the dots, you get the big picture,” said Dan shuffling 

the papers on his large messy desk, that's where he keeps all his paper 

work, some related to his business “Breakthru for Better Future” and 

lots of scrap paper on which he scribble his fresh ideas as they emerge 

from his restless brain. Dan always speaks while shuffling papers on 

his desk; never he would stand still or sit at his desk when he speaks. 

Shuffling papers was his way of getting his thoughts organized. 

Juggernaut appeared puzzled looking at the figure shaped from 

connecting the dots. 

“What you see?” 

“A big monkey.” 

“When I said connect the dots, I don't mean connecting dots on 

children's' coloring book, you fool.” 

“Then what you mean?” 

“When you listen to people talk, politicians put a spin, talk 

radio hosts splutter, think tanks condescend on others, financial gurus 

paint bright future, crafty salesmen twist and turn the words, and 

preachers scream and cry with emotions, they emit dots into the air.” 

“You mean like emissions from a factory chimney.” 

“Like aroma from food, scent from people with over applied 

fragrance or noise in the name of music.” 


“All that information is in the form of dots, billions and 

trillions floating in the air.” 

“That's lot of dots to connect.” 

“True, but then, it is like solving a puzzle or riddle, you get 

to see pictures, big pictures.” 

“You mean by connecting.” 

“That's right.” “Now onwards, you keep connecting the dots and 

let me know when you see a big picture and stop connecting dots on the 

coloring book,” Dan looked serious. 

“Well, Dan as you said, I have been connecting dots, and now 

big pictures are appearing in my mind,” said Juggernaut sitting on a 

tall stool that makes Juggernaut look tall. 

“OK, what big picture you see?” 

“People don't want to pay taxes, taxes of any kind whether 

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