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The Final End (standard:romance, 228 words)
Author: Steve CraineAdded: Jun 10 2011Views/Reads: 1917/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The end of a realionship, lies,cheating and a release

Oh yes it's the end of a relationship that causes the tattered feelings
to smolder one last time. The music in the back ground flows with the 
beat of good by. The traitorous intentions so apparent to so many yet a 
caring feeling to the one who was blind. The fatal wounding of this 
relationship was discovered in time to open his eyes to a fresh lungful 
of air. 

The strength returns slowly yet ever so certain, back to a man of  life
and conviction. Her selfish and controlling inclination not visible, 
yet he was warned by people who knew. Manipulation is a skill and 
someone who is very proficient can turn you into her plaything. When 
the discovery is revealed the dream is shattered. The rancid feelings 
that really coats her heart is apparent, its been  a deception of her 
true intentions. 

The only relationship she needs is one of physical enjoyment, she cares
not a thing about the person only about her enjoyment. Not caring where 
or how it come to her, its about her. A hate that comes out after the 
ecstasy is amplify and the longing for a new adventure is evident. (A 
Black Widow) 

Well be on with your explorations and your self centered adventures for
you will be the lonely one,  and someday when that time comes  YOU WILL 


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