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Bizarre Vocab (standard:non fiction, 895 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jun 22 2011Views/Reads: 1320/750Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A student over enthusiastic in speaking only in English started using bizarre vocab.

Bizarre Vocab 

Subba Rao 

“You are so smart Juggernaut, you answer every question in 

chemistry class, can we form a study group with you as the group leader 

to help me and few others to understand chemistry and other subjects?” 

asked Mallikarjun.   Mallikarjun recently joined the school in 12th 

grade; he was tall with a well trimmed fine mustache, looked older than 

most students in the class though with ready smile looked too innocent 

for his age. His cheeks were rough with mild bloody eruptions as if 

rubbed against coarse sandpaper on a regular basis. 

Juggernaut was pleasantly surprised to hear that somebody 

called him smart. Nobody either at his home or school called him 

smart.  At home he was infamous for making mischief and was called 

a “Skylark” for playful behavior. After the school, he never opened the 

school bag at home, he thought that the bag was intended to store and 

carry books to school;  event at school he opened the bag only if 

teachers insist. The only subject he paid some attention was chemistry 

and sometimes physics; and scored well in the tests with no effort. 

Since the new student Mallikarjun asked him to start a study group, 

Juggernaut took the responsibility of study group leader very 

seriously; to avoid embarrassment of failing to answer questions from 

the study group members, Juggernaut started reading all the subjects 

seriously before the beginning of each study group session.  To his own 

surprise, Juggernaut was getting good grades in other subjects as well 

besides chemistry. Unexpectedly, Mallikarjun became a catalyst in 

Juggernaut's education endeavor. 

English as a subject was taught from early age in India.   Most 

Indian students were well versed in English not only as subject but as 

a language of learning other subjects in physical and social sciences. 

Mallikarjun though started poorly in all the subjects, he improved 

considerably along with other members of the study group and they all 

attributed their success to Juggernaut's leadership in the study 

group.  Mallikarjun started communicating only in English at the study 

group sessions to further improve his vocabulary in English.  This 

annoyed some of the study group members since they preferred to speak 

in the native language. Nevertheless, Mallikarjun continued his 

practice of speaking only in English using big words, sometimes he made 

up new words and expressions in English that sounded bizarre and weird. 

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