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Six-Feet Below Ground (standard:Fan Fiction, 436 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 19 2011Views/Reads: 1678/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dialogue between Dan and Juggernaut on how to live under the detection of governament radar. Serious stuff.

Six-Feet Below Ground 

Subba Rao 

“For your income, how come you pay no tax at all?” “I work for 

you and take home peanuts after tax!” Juggernaut expressed his grief. 

“I follow totally a different tax code,” Dan turned towards Juggernaut 

still shuffling papers on his desk with ‘Don't you know' look. 

“How come?” 

“Well, for starters, I don't have a bank account or credit cards, 


“Without bank account and credit cards, how you build your 

credit history?” 

“I don't have a credit history,” “I never took a loan, never 

wrote a check or used a credit card in my life,” “every transaction I 

made in my life was with cash, only cash.” 

“You pay for every product and service with cash only? 

“With cash transactions you don't leave paper trail and I 

don't exist as a tax payer with any agency whether it is credit agency, 

tax agency or any other agency; private or government.” 

“But you exist, I can see you doing business, big business,” 

Juggernaut looked puzzled and confused. 

“sure, but not on paper,” “America is all about paper work, 

look at legal or medical  or any business for that matter, they were 

all drowned in paper work,”  “If you do not exist on paper, you don't 

exist, period, if you don't exist, you won't be taxed.” Dan smiled with 

closed lips extending a crease on his face in both directions that 

reached outer end of his deep eyes. 

“What about your own tax code?” 

“Well, I have accountants that make tax code as they go along 

that even the toughest IRS agents have failed to crack yet. 

“How you sell the equity on your business so often?” 

“I sell my equity for cash or for exchange of equity on other 

businesses to the people that share the same philosophy, so I don't 

have to pay tax, and I never did in years of doing business.” 

“Good for you,” “like me at the end of food chain, I am 

subjected to every kind of tax, no wonder why I am considering 

joining ‘Freedom Party.' 

“On what platform ‘Freedom Party' attracts voters?” Dan looked serious. 

“It attracts people like you and others that do not believe in 

taxes and allow other like me to share the same benefits of not paying 


“I won't be interested in joining any party, my philosophy is 

to lay low below any radar detection, remember I don't exist on paper 

and I cannot vote.” Dan smiled with serenity of a sage. 

Dejected and disheartened Juggernaut went back to his drawing 

board to rethink and refine his concepts. 


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