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Sorrel is So Real (standard:non fiction, 379 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 24 2011Views/Reads: 1336/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sorrel is a pupular juice particularly during Christmas time in the Caribbean. Juggernaut learns how to make it from Sorrel flower petsls from his friend Daddy, a budding Calypsonian.

Sorrel Is So Real 

Subba Rao 

“Boy, this juice is so refreshing, I love it, what is it?” 

“You are from India, and you don't know Sorrel,” Daddy was blunt. 

“I am from India alright but I never heard or tasted Sorrel 

before; how you make it,” Juggernaut was very curious. 

“Down here in Trinidad, we make a juice out of Sorrel during 

Christmas time; red flower petals of Sorrel plant are boiled in water 

to bring out its bright red color and sour fruity flavor; mixed with 

brown sugar and a little cinnamon, a glass of cold Sorrel juice is a 

real thing; I can show Sorrel plant in the backyard,” Daddy took 

Juggernaut into his backyard to show the Sorrel plant in full bloom 

with bright red flowers. 

“I know this plant well, it is a common leaf vegetable in 

India; it is cultivated on a large scale for its leaves, I didn't even 

know it produces flowers.” 

“You eat the leaves?” Daddy made a face with disbelief. 

“Yes, this plant is grown only to harvest its leaves and never 

allowed to grow to a point where it flowers as you do it here; back 

home, the leaves are cooked with split peas to make sour Dahl or used 

to make chutney or relish known for its sour taste, I didn't even know 

this plant produces these pretty flowers,” Juggernaut looked surprised. 

”Well, it seems you know a lot about this plant, how come the 

flowers taste so sour?” 

“The whole plant is known for its sour taste; the leaves, the 

stems and the entire plant has sour taste from small amount of weak 

organic acids in it; this plant belongs to the same family as Hibiscus 

known for bright colorful flowers; that explains the bright red flowers 

on the Sorrel plant.” 

“Well, you taught me something more today about Sorrel plant,” 

Daddy was still looking at his Sorrel plant in full bloom with bright 

red flowers. 

“Well,  the leaves are used in Indian cuisine for its flavor 

and sour taste; the  people down here recognized the flavor and taste 

in its flowers to make a refreshing juice,  pour some white rum in my 

Sorrel juice it is Christmas time, na” Juggernaut was in a festive mood.


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