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Werewolf ! (standard:horror, 1724 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Nov 25 2011Views/Reads: 1349/846Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Frank Collins had a dark secret.

Werewolf ! 


Dalousie ,Calgary 

The prostitute walked a bit unsteadily along the sidewalk. As she passed
a shadowy alleyway, a hairy hand struck like a snake and wrapped around 
her mouth, dragging her into the darkness with such strength that she 
was lifted entirely off the ground. There was a loud growl. She kicked 
wildly but hit only air. The last thing she saw was an open mouth of 
long yellow fangs and was then all went black. 

The next morning two RCMP Officers squatted next to the body and saw the
blank stare of the young woman who couldn't be more than twenty-five 
under the heavy makeup. The eyes were wide, and her mouth gaped open in 
surprise, in a scream, or perhaps to beg for mercy but he gave none and 
ripped her throat out savagely. 

The seventh murder for the past month with the same modus operandi and
the RCMP couldn't figure out. They knew that the typical serial killer 
either strangled or use some weapon to kill his / her victims, but this 
one uses neither, and it seems just brute strength and savagery. 

Citizens held their breath in fear .Both uniformed and plain clothes
officers were everywhere in the Downtown area where most of the murders 
were committed. The killer seems to strike at random which made it 
difficult for the investigation. 

It was about 11.30 the next night. Frank Collins, a loner, boarded the
Transit bus to downtown Calgary, took the LRT and got off at Dalhousie, 
a Calgary neighbourhood. He was an unsmiling young man about twenty 
five, with thick black hair and watchful greenish eyes. 

The next day at the Calgary Police Service Headquarters on 6 th Avenue,
Chief Inspector Forster was at his desk, Telephones were ringing all 
over the place. His deputy, Peter Patterson, was in a swivel chair 
opposite his chief, reading a couple sheets of paper 

"Another murder in Dalhousie last night, same M.O." said Patterson
evenly The Chief Inspector sighed. 

"We have got a lot of work to do, Peter; the Mayor is breathing down my
back for a quick capture. We are dealing here with a vicious and clever 
serial killer, obviously!" 

"Yeah, but this is a new slant, ripping out the victims' throats!" 

"That‘s what bothering me, Peter, serial killers usually strangle their
victims or use some sort of weapon, it seems, somehow ,as if some 
animal is at work" 

"Perhaps it's a werewolf." suggested Patterson bluntly. The autopsies on
the victims revealed strangely, a wolf's DNA in the blood." 

Forster smiled; He was in one of his rare good moods. 

"A werewolf in this age, Peter? Don't make me laugh, you've been seeing
to many horror movies " 

" Don't laugh, James," said Patterson, picking up a sheet of paper from
his desk."I've been doing some research ", he said looking at the 
sheet, “it says here and I quote "that if a werewolf bites you and you 
don't die, you're doomed to turn into a wolf on the full moon." 

He paused, "if you check all of the murders. They were all committed on
the full moon, two across the city in one night. " 

Forster nodded" Yes, that's correct, but that could be sheer

"Too many coincidence if you ask me." He paused, "Anyway it says here,
"To discover the identity of a werewolf, you wound it and search for a 
similar wound on a human or shoot it in its head!" 

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