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Jaime (standard:humor, 557 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Nov 30 2011Views/Reads: 1503/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is about a first grandchild and the happy times we had together. It is about her young years through her teen years.


Word count 554 

My first grandchild was named Jaime she was born on the first day of
spring and she has brought springtime into my life every since. She was 
always sick when she was first born It seemed like she was allergic to 
the world. The doctors finally pinned it down to be all kinds of 
allergies. She was such a pretty little girl. When she smiled she had a 
wide grin like her daddy's She had blonde hair and pretty sky blue 
eyes. My name became mamaw. When I took her In the car with me she 
would sit and look out the window and giggle she always enjoyed those 

She was a very lovable and well-behaved little girl.  Once I walked
through my favorite store feeling a little anxious not wanting to run 
into anyone I knew, because, I had just had a new perm put in my hair 
and it was frizzy. I had Jaime with me. When I stopped to look at the 
blouses Jaime disappeared around the rack. I became frantic calling her 
name. When she ran around from the other side of the rack of blouses 
she looked at me smiling and said in a loud voice I saw you mamaw I saw 
your little fuzzy head. A lady standing near by was smiling at us I 
knew Jaime had made her day. 

Once Jaime's mom and dad bought her a parakeet. Jaime named it Charlie.
After a couple of months the parakeet died so her parents bought her 
another one  that she named Charlie also. One morning about a year 
later Jaime wasn't very old when she walked into her parent's bedroom 
and said in a pouting way mommy, daddy Charlie died again. 

Christmas was very special for Jaime. I would buy her all kinds of cute
things from the catalogs, she loved Christmas and she loved mamaw. Too. 
When she was old enough to start bathing herself I would go into the 
bathroom and sit and talk to her while she took her bath she always 
enjoyed me being there with her. 

When she was a little girl all the way to her teen years she would spend
the night with me often and we would lie in bed and giggle half the 
night telling jokes and talking about funny things that had happened.  
Once Jaime and I went to visit my daughter who lived three hundred 
miles away.  Jaime was in her teens and she pretty much read the map on 
how to get there sometimes she would yell no mamaw you go this way. 
After we arrived and got ready for bed that evening my daughter said 
you two will sleep in here and I don't want you giggling half the 
night. I don't remember how it went, but Jaime and I had such a hard 
time not to giggle when we went to bed. I loved her so much. Six years 
after Jaime a little boy was born into the family. I didn't see as much 
of her after Joey was born. 

Once her family moved away I was so upset I cried. Jaime wrote me a
letter to make me feel better.  I missed some of her growing up years, 
but in my heart she will always be my springtime girl. 



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