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The Last Victim (standard:horror, 2321 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Dec 31 2011Views/Reads: 1474/1024Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story of the last victim ( Mary Kelly )of the infamous Victorian serial killer "Jack the Ripper"

Some portions of this narrative should be best read after mealtimes! 

( Jack the Ripper is the name that has been given to an unidentified
serial killer responsible for murders occurring in the impoverished 
Whitechapel section of London in 1888. "Jack the Ripper" became the 
first internationally known serial killer. The name Jack the Ripper 
comes from the signature of a letter, dated 25 September, 1888, and 
received by the Central News Agency on 27 September, 1888. 

There were 11 murders of prostitutes in the Whitechapel area from 1888
to 1891, known as the Whitechapel Murders. Five of these are commonly 
identified as the Jack the Ripper murders. Those of Mary Ann Nichols at 
Buck's Row, Whitechapel, on Friday 31 August 1888, Annie Chapman at 
Rear Yard at 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields on Saturday 8 September 
1888, Elizabeth Stride at the yard at side of 40 Berner Street, St 
Georges-in-the-East on Sunday 30 September 1888, Catherine Eddowes at 
Mitre Square, Aldgate, City of London on Sunday 30 September 1888 and 
Mary Jane Kelly at 13 Miller's Court, 26 Dorset Street Spitalfields on 
Friday 9 November 1888.) 

Four of the women were in their forties who,from descriptions,medical
reports,and photographs, were harldly glamorous sex objects.Destitution 
and dissipation had aged them beyond their years.The fifth was 
twenty-four and no beauty. She was over three months pregnant at the 
time of her death. 

the Ripper murders took place in a one square mile area of the East End
and the City of London surrounding Whitechapel. ) 

"Damn !, " cried Chief Inspector Petrie of Scotland Yard, as he finished
reading the letter addressed to him. 

His assistant Pims, sitting at his desk across from him looked up and
said "What is it, Peter,?" 

"Here, ,"He said, handing over the letter," Read this for yourself,
another letter from the Ripper". 

Pims took it and read : Pims put down the letter, looked at his
superior, and said, "This could well be a ploy to put you off the 
scent, he's clever chap,you know,." "No, Pims, I have a gut feeling he 
means it.' He replied, " Now ,damn, We will have to spread out our 

A few days later. 

Spitalfields, London, November 1888. 

1.00 am. 

The night was cold and foggy. The street was almost deserted ,but for a
few coaches passing by occasionally. A tall, lone figure was walking 
hastily,his head bowed,He was carrying a black bag.  His footfalls 
echoed on the cobblestones. The thick mist swirled around him as he 
made his way along the deserted street. "Feeling naughty,Sir?"asked a 
seductive, husky voice coming from the shadows of an alleyway . The 
tall man stopped. From his bearing, having a top hat and a long 
overcoat the prostitute figured he was a "gentle man" possibly on his 
way home. she emerged from the alleyway near a a street lamp. . She was 
a bit on the plump side in her twenties, wearing a fur collared ,well 
worn brown frock that fell to her ankles.  Her hair was a light red.  A 
small artificial dot was on the right side of her red pouted lips and 
she smelled of cheap liquor. The man stiffened at her sight. "It is 
her," he thought , " At last I've found the slut" In a well modulated 
voice ,he asked "How much?" The prostitute, Mary Kelly, smiled, showing 
a missing tooth, ‘For you, Sir, two Shillings!' she responded 
hopefully.with a slight smile. "Slut!"He thought furiously. 

"Where shall we go?" He asked bluntly . "I have a room at the back "she
replied softly," Follow me ". 

The man clutched the handle of the little black bag he carried tightly. 

The room was approximately 12 feet square. Opposite the door was a
fireplace. On the left of the door and at right angles to it were two 

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