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Dilution is the Solution (standard:non fiction, 517 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jan 23 2012Views/Reads: 1426/1216Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inflation is good and dilution is the solution for many problems including the current economic problems.

Dilution is the Solution 

Subba Rao 

“People are hurting from low pay and joblessness; these days 

we cannot charge more for products and services” Dan was despondent. 

“Dilution is the solution.” 

“How?” Dan scratched his head with four fingers as if he was 

combing his hair sideways with finger nails. 

“Without cutting down the weight or volume, a product in a 

package can be diluted.” 

“How and with what?” 

“With what else; water. “I notice recently, the toothpaste is 

more liquidly than before.” 

“Yes, I noticed it too.” Dan agreed. 

“Before, I have to press hard to get the tooth paste out of 

the tube; but now, I open the lid; it flows out almost like a loose 

semi-fluid.” “The companies dilute the paste with water to stretch it; 

the weight in the container is the same but it has more water now and 

less of active ingredient, whatever it may be.” 

“Yeah, yeah, they think they are smart.” 

“The TV dinners are now more semi-fluid as if we were all on 

liquid diet now.” “The chunky salsa is so liquidly, nachos cannot hold 

salsa anymore, the salsa flows out of the nacho chips.” “We are not 

getting the value for the money with more water in the product; the 

companies were making more money through dilution.” 

“But in my business, how can I dilute my services?” 

“Well, for the starters; make the customers work hard for 

service; put them on hold and make them fill forms; most people don't 

like paper work, many would drop out and don't pursue to get the 

service for free and then charge for a quick service.” 

“Yeah, I can do that; I will make a 3-page request form to get 

free service,” Dan started getting ideas now. 

“On top of it, because of privacy issues, ask every customer 

to fill a 2-page confidentiality form for any service request.” 

“That's sound clever.” 

“A product can be diluted and a fee can be charged for 

service; both serve the same purpose, more profits.” 

“With this idea of dilution as a solution, we can keep up and 

even increase the profit margin in difficult times like this,” Dan 

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