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Meteorite ! (standard:science fiction, 422 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Jan 29 2012Views/Reads: 1724/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A runaway meteorite is on a collision course with the Earth.

Meteorite ! 

A little excursion into the world of "what if..." Day 1 

At first it was just a speck in the sky going unnoticed among the stars
But as the days go by it became bigger and bigger heading on a 
collision course with the Earth .It was not detected until by accident 
an astronomer saw it coming through a powerful telescope Old 
animosities were put aside and the military of the major supers powers 
were contacted so as to devise a plan to stop it in its tracks .The 
public was not yet aware of it and so as not to cause panic the 
information was not disclosed. 

Day 2 

It was decided by the military authorities worldwide that a joint effort
be made to stop the invasion and nuclear rockets were dispatched to 
seek and destroy the incoming entity. But to no avail. The rockets 
proved ineffective against the twelve mile wide invader! 

Day 3 

The meteor seemed to accelerate further and further on at tremendous
speed at the stationary Earth 

Day 4 

News of the meteor leaked out and fear and panic gripped the peoples of
the Earth as never before. 

Day 5 

The weather patterns began changing rapidly and there were giant tidal
waves now 100 feet in height, toppling over huge ships in the now 
roaring sea like match sticks. Loud claps of thunder and jagged bolts 
of lightning ripped across the black skies as hurricanes and typhoons 
blast various coasts uprooting trees and demolishing houses by the 
thousands sending thousands of people to their deaths. 

The World was now in turmoil and chaos. Fear gripped the world as never
before, panic and confusion were everywhere. even the Earth's wild life 
were affected scattering them in all directions like a disturbed ant's 
nest frantically seeking refuge in the hills and other places for 

Day 6 

The collated military completely lost control of the situation. Their
puny weapons were ineffective against the huge incoming juggernaut. 

Day 7 

The meteorite could now be seen the sky at daytime growing bigger and
bigger! The world trembled in fear. Where it would crash no one knew. 
Panic grew! Instinctively, prayers were sent to various gods in various 
languages for protection. All heads turned upwards at the appalling 

Then it crashed into the continent of ATLANTIS, with an impact that
shook the world, wiping out all of it inhabitants and sinking it along 
with some other islands nearby. 

Can History repeat itself ? I believe it can. 

The End 


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