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Believers Beyond Belief (standard:non fiction, 920 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Feb 02 2012Views/Reads: 1305/740Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
80% of devotees are Hindus to a Dargah (Grave of a muslim preacher died in 1600's name Medina or now popularly called 'Coconut Baba.') are beleivers beyond belief.

Believers Beyond Belief 

Subba Rao 

During Aurangzeb era, several Islamic clergy men travelled 

across India to spread Islam.  That's how Muslim preacher Ishaq Medina 

ended up in southern Indian coastal town of Vizag somewhere in1600's. 

Preacher Medina became popular among the believers and people from all 

faith travelled from far away distances to receive blessings from him. 

According to folklore, one day, a local prince was tired travelling on 

a horse in hot sun, stopped at Medina's Masjid to quench his thirst; he 

ordered his attendant to pick a coconut from a tall tree on the 

Medina's premises only to be objected by preacher Medina. The prince 

was perplexed at Medina for refusing his attendant to pick a coconut 

and asked Medina “are the coconuts on your tree have ears or something 

to be special not to be picked?” 

“Yes sir, this coconut tree is special and the nuts do have 

ears and I will show you one with ears,” replied Medina and extended 

his hand into the air like a hydraulic crane to pluck a coconut with 

ears to show it to the Prince. The Prince was amazed at the miracle and 

accepted Medina as a miracle man for real.  Preacher Medina 

became ‘Coconut Baba' since then and almost everybody forgot the real 

name of ‘Coconut Baba.'  Even after almost 400 years, believers visit 

Coconut Baba's grave also called ‘Dargah' to receive a miracle 


During a recent visit to Vizag Juggernaut visited Coconut 

Baba's grave. The Dargah was small around 12 feet long and 8 feet wide. 

Juggernaut visited the coconut Baba Dargah to see for himself the four 

hundred years old coconut with earls still believed to be at display in 

the Dargah.  The Dargah's custodian was a man in late thirties appeared 

sad and angry in explaining that the miracle coconut with ears was 

missing for some time now although the incident of preacher Medina 

picking the coconut with ears using his extended hand was a true fact 

recorded in the history. Disappointed, Juggernaut rested at the grave 

of coconut Baba for few minutes and prayed for a miracle to occur in 

his favor in whatever shape or form in near or distant future. 

Juggernaut was not allowed inside the Dargah because of non- 

compliance with respect to dress code, however he was allowed to sit at 

the entrance and peek inside the Dargah. The small dome shaped inner 

ceiling of the Dargah was spectacularly decorated with dazzling semi- 

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