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The Escapee (standard:science fiction, 1415 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Feb 07 2012Views/Reads: 1463/823Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One man's escape from the aliens death camp had a surpring ending for him.

The Escapee 

They came suddenly out of the skies in huge shining spacecrafts. About a
thousand of them, and landed in various parts of the Earth, sending 
fear and terror into the various populations. It was a sudden attack 
and mankind hadn't time to retaliate. 

One of the crafts, about fifty feet in diameter, touchdown in a small
city. The side of the craft opened and two dozen huge creatures 
emerged. They were wore shiny black outfits and were about seven feet 
tall, humanoid in appearance, carrying huge weapons in their hands, 
their huge eyes surveyed the fleeing earthlings and they let loose with 
their weapons, spraying the running figures with beams of the fleeing 
victims vanished into thin air. 

This massacre of the populations took them only three days. 

The survivors fought back gallantly, but their puny weapons of mass
destruction were no match for the Invaders. 

The leader of the mission sent back a message to his Planet:" Mission
Accomplished!.  Atmospheric conditions.. perfect...lots of vegetation 
and water...' "We can now inhabit the Planet." The invaders then set up 
constructing huge cities around the world and several death camps to 
house the survivors and carried out various experiments on them ,even 
tried interbreeding with various women of all races but to no effect, 
this angered them tremendously and they terminated the women after a 
period of time. This went on for several years. Some of the prisoners 
tried to escape but were usually caught and tortured at the 
correctional centres around the globe and they were cruel and brutal 
sparing neither women and children. *** 

The Human came crashing through the bushes, his pursuers close behind.
He heard the strange metallic sounds in the distance, and the siren 
like whining . They were coming closer and closer. His breathing was 
now laboured. His lungs felt like bursting., but he couldn't stop  
knowing that to do so would mean sure death in the disintegration 
chamber-  It was then he heard the loud humming sound of the Tracer 
craft and knew that the search had intensified, 

He saw a creek through the thin branches of foliage around him and moved
quickly towards it, his heart pounding rapidly in his chest. 

The evening sun was descending quickly over the dense jungle, bringing
with it the bittersweet night which he hated because of the dreaded 
mosquitoes, but now which he welcomed  for the cover it gave him after 
his two days of escaping from the dreaded death camp held by the hated 

He plunged into the creek which had a fast moving current and the water
towed him away quickly at a reckless speed. He made a great effort 
trying to grasp at branches along the bank. 

The loud humming sound of the Tracer craft was now only a faint sound in
the distance and he felt a great relief. He managed to grasp a stout 
branch and pulled himself up to the muddy bank l gasping for breath. He 
laid on the bank for a few minutes catching his breath, then he began 
crawling to firmer ground, Getting on his feet, he then made his way 
through the bushes hoping that he would find some shelter for the night 
but the raw night was brutal. 


The night winds began rising and he felt a chill coursing through his
half naked body. He was going to die if he doesn't find shelter soon he 
figured. He began to shiver. He walked unsteadily ahead along a beaten 
path  food ,warmth and shelter were now his dominant thoughts .He 
hadn't eaten for two days since his escape from the prison's “ 
experimental” camp known as the “Death Camp” to the inmates, for few 
survived the experiments. 


Three days later, he now felt weak and a sharp gnawing in his stomach. 
Night was now setting in fast and the mosquitoes were beginning their 

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