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I Smell Rat (standard:Fan Fiction, 468 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Feb 11 2012Views/Reads: 1660/870Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of two cobras that save Champa tree from unscrupulous men trying to cutdown the tree for lumber to make furniture.

I Smell Rat 

Subba Rao 

“I smell rat,” hissed Sarpa, a six foot long male black cobra. 

“Sure, you are always smelling food,” hissed back Nagin, the 

female cobra with her fangs completely rolled out sniffing for a big 

fat mouse to eat.” 

“No, I don't mean a real rat; it is just a people's expression 

I used.” 

“You were hanging around people too much.” 

“You know I like this old Champa tree for its strong fragrance.” 

“I too love the scent of yellow Champa flowers and so many 

women come here to pluck the flowers to wear it in their hair.” 

“This Champa tree is here for a long time to have such a big 

trunk and thick branches.” 


“Well, the Champa tree attracts snakes and women for its 

fragrant flowers but these days it is attracting unsavory men realizing 

the value of timber given the size of its trunk.” 

“What they can do with the trunk and the branches?” 

“The Champa wood makes good furniture and the tree trunk is so 

long and wide in girth, it can provide lot of lumber to make expensive 


”OK, but how can they get the lumber from a live tree?” 

“They will cut it down in secret to claim the lumber.” 

“Can we stop it?” 

“People are scared of snakes; particularly we the cobras, they 

fear, respect and even consider us as incarnation of God.” 

“Sure, sighting of even tip of our tail would make them run for 


“I am glad people are scared of us otherwise we get killed 

easy by them.” 

“May be if we play right with our heads, we can save the tree.” 


“The Champa tree has a small hollow at the base of the trunk 

which we can make it as our home; we just have to come out to at a 

particular time of the day, every day and dance with heads rocking 

sideways and fangs flicking up and down,” 

“You mean we both do tango.” 

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