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International School of Ethical Hacking (standard:horror, 378 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Mar 02 2012Views/Reads: 1597/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
At International School of Ehthical Hacking students are trained to hack information in ethical way.

International School of Ethical Hacking 

Subba Rao 

“I just completed formalities to open yet another school in the 

Caribbean,” said Dan stretching his legs on the desk and trying to make 

a pyramid shape with tip of his shoes. 

“You already own few medical schools in the Caribbean,” 

Juggernaut looked surprised. 

“The enrollments in medical schools are falling and I recently 

tumbled into a field of study that promises to be a gold mine.” 


“Yes, scavenging,” Dan pressed his lips together and looked at 

Juggernaut from side of his eyes. 

“Scavenging what?” 

“Information, particularly on celebrities worldwide in show 

business, sports, politics and business.” 

“How one can scavenge information on celebrities?” 

“Simple, by hacking their cell phones, emails and social 


“You cannot hack personal calls and emails, that is immoral if 

not illegal,” Juggernaut looked disgusted. 

“Precisely, that's why I started an international school to 

train students in the field of ethical hacking.” 

“Hacking by definition is unethical, immoral and illegal.” 

“If hacking is done in ethical way, it is acceptable.” 

“How one can hack personal information in ethical way?” 

“Well, we train our students in ethics, morality, religion, 

philosophy, etiquette, world history, psychology and sociology in 

addition to the core courses in electronic ears dropping, computer 

science, electronics and electrical engineering; this all-round 

training would facilitate students to conduct the business of hacking 

with kindness and high standards of morality,”“It is like courses 

offered to medical students in bioethics and business students in 

honesty and morality,” Dan looked very serious and committed. 

“I see, but those courses were not doing any good once the 

doctors and financial consultants start practicing their profession,” 

Juggernaut was doubtful. 

“Exactly that why I named my institution as school of ethical 

hacking to get respectability and authenticity to the profession of 

electronic ears-dropping.” 

“Do you have to use the word ethical for god sake? Juggernaut appeared 


“Sure, to keep my school operating license and accreditation,” 

Dan jumped from his chair to stand tall. 

“Well, Dan I am sure you know what you are doing as long as you 

won't get into trouble with the law,” Juggernaut poured some cashew 

fruit wine into his mug. 

“You know I am untouchable,” Dan rubbed his nose as if he 

smelled something unpleasant. 


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