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Nay The Bully (standard:drama, 1232 words)
Author: MDAdded: Mar 23 2012Views/Reads: 1827/935Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a short realistic fiction about a bully who may be a potential woman beater

I felt as though I had "word vomit". My mouth was moving in anger and a
bunch of vulgar words spewed out. This had not been the first time I 
had an intense argument with Nay, yet I was infuriated that he had the 
audacity to talk to me in such a manner. Jamesha was my co-signer, 
concurring with every statement I made. Nay soon began to rise from the 
couch that he was sitting on. My face and hands tingle. I felt a fight 
coming on and I was anticipating it. 

During the course of the argument Nay made his way over to the couch
Jamesha and I were sitting on. Then, in one swift move, he lifted his 
hand and I heard a loud smack. I sat there muscle tightened waiting on 
him to hit me, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes and realized he 
had hit Jamesha instead of me. It was I who had made the first comment 
that started the whole argument, yet Jamesha was punished. In a matter 
of seconds Jamesha's expression went from calm and collected to anger. 

The next thing I remember is Nay's brick like body hovering above
Jamesha. He began wailing on her coming down with increasingly harder 
blows. Jamesha kicked back furiously trying to hit hard enough to make 
him stop, but the hits kept on coming. I sat there in bewilderment and 
thought it wise to move out there way. Jamesha had managed to wrap her 
legs around Nay and roll him over so that she was on top of him. They 
landed on the side table and it broke in half upon impact. Finally, 
Jamesha was in charge, she began beating Nay in the face. While this 
was going on, Sunshine, Jamesha's sister walked through the door and 
realized there was a fight going. She jumped in the fight to her 
sister's aid and began simultaneously kicking him in the face while 
Jamesha punched him. About the seventh or eighth time a blow was dealt 
to Nay, I was thrown in a trance. 

As I was sitting there watching the fight I couldn't help but remember
back two years ago, Nay and I were standing on the porch arguing. I had 
said something smart to get an emotion out of him. He stood there and 
glared at me. I smirked, and in triumph I turned my back towards him. 
Looking back I realized that I had made a mistake because in that 
instance, he lifted his foot, and kicked me off the porch. I landed on 
the ground with a -THUD. My knees were badly scraped. There was caked 
up mud in my mouth and my knees trickled with blood. Tears began to 
well up in my eyes. Until then, that had been the first time another 
kid had laid a hand on me. The first time I was bullied. 

The yelling of Nay's little brother snapped me out of my memory. "If
you're going to fight, do it outside of the house!" With an approving 
nod Jamesha muttered "okay let's go then". Jamesha walked to the door 
and Nay followed her with a smug look on his face. Before Jamesha even 
got a chance to so much as firmly plant her foot on the step outside 
the door, Nay lifted his leg and "this is sparta" kicked her down the 
steps. I couldn't believe what I saw. He pulled the same trick on me 
years ago! I couldn't believe it. Nay was standing there laughing in 
victory. He was so happy that he forgot that Sunshine was behind him, 
and when he finally realized it, it was too late. Now, he was being hit 
from behind and while that was going on Jamesha had managed to collect 
herself off of the ground. She charged up the steps and began hitting 
Nay. This time she fought with more rage. 

Somehow this fight made its way to the kitchen. Nay's little brother,
Kevin, looked at me and asked "Are you going to jump in and help him?" 
The way that i was raised i knew the ethical thing would be to help him 
out, but i couldn't help to think back to the times where he abused me 
and I thought shoot he deserved this beating. Finally after minutes of 
a gruesome beating Kevin and Nay's older sister said "That's enough, 
he's taking enough of a beating." When this was said Jamesha and her 
sister relinquished him and walked away. Nay began to rise from the 
floor. His face was the badly bruised and blood trickled from his nose 
and dropped to the floor. He puffed up his chest and he said the words 
I would never forget. "Y'all still punch like some girls. I thought he 
had to be crazy, he just got the worst beating that nobody in their 
life deserve, yet he still manages to say something smart. Surely that 
was his pride talking. He walked into the other room and slammed the 
door. As we all sat there thinking about what happened I only had only 
phrase to describe what happened. Karma, What goes around comes around. 

We looked around the room and noticed that during the course of the 
fight a lot of things that was in the path of the altercation was 

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