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Now Your My World (standard:poetry, 185 words)
Author: BurnAdded: Apr 03 2012Views/Reads: 1326/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about a girl who had sworn off love, but ended up falling hopelessly in love with a guy.

He had left my heart in the dirt, and tears dry on my cheeks. There was
no cure for the hurt, or remedy for the pain. 

I had swore off love, said it was too much work. I had been soft-spoken
like the dove, but he ripped my heart out and left it in the dirt. 

I wore a mask of solitude, in hopes of protecting all I had left. 

Then I met you. 

My heart, and mind were in a fued, and I didn't know where to turn next.

My head was spinning, my thoughts were reeling. My carefully built wall
was tore down by you alone. 

You saw past my facade, and into my soul. Where a hurt little girl, hide
from the evil of the world. 

I had sworn off of love, but now your my world. I never thought I would
let myself fall again, but you alone helped fit the pieces back 
together again. 

You hold my heart, treat it right. You hold my soul, its yours forever.
You captivate my eyes, I'll never stray. 

Because now, you're my world.


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