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Wolf ! (standard:horror, 560 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Apr 09 2012Views/Reads: 1932/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A werewolf was terrorizing the village but who was it?

Wolf ! A frosty, winter day, a scared woman,  a werewolf, a pair of
hunters and a surprise ending. It was a chilly winter day. The wind was 
strong and howling as the snow flurries began to fall. A woman wrapped 
in a thick winter coat made her way hurriedly down a beaten path toward 
the village. Her heart was pounding in her breast, for there was talk 
about a marauding wolf in the area. 

A werewolf, 

This was substantiated when the villagers saw to their horror and
amazement that the wolf paws they were following had changed into 
footprints in the snow heading toward the village. They became 
suspicious of each other. The werewolf had already killed six people 
disembowelling them with fury and the villagers were afraid to go out. 
A hunting party was formed, but the wolf was elusive and always kept 
one step ahead of them, so they decided to hire a professional hunter 
named Parker who then set traps in the woods around the village and 


The woman hastens her steps. Out of sight of from her untrained eye, is
a sleek gray creature. He watches without blinking as his unsuspecting 
prey hurried across the field without a clue that she is being watched. 
He waits as she moves across the ground towards him. 



She gets closer, 

Patience, not yet .he thought. 

He can't afford to let this opportunity slip by.  If he were to leave
his position now he could lose his advantage on her. The slightest 
movement of muscle could give him away. His ears perked . He readies 
himself for the attack. His heart is beating faster and faster. He can 
hear his blood rushing through his veins. 

She gets closer. 

He positions his hind feet under his strong muscular body for leverage
He tensed himself for the leap. The moment is almost here. He draws in 
his breath. He tensed his leg muscles. Eyes fixed on the target 

NOW!  He thought 

She looks up and saw the huge body hurling towards her. She screams. The
Werewolf huge form sails through the air towards her as if in slow 
motion. His orange eyes blazing, his lips curling back in a snarl. He 
opened his mouth, showing long yellow fangs. A loud shot rang out 
shattering the silence. The impact of the silver bullet caught him 
flush in his furry chest spinning him around in midair and he fell 
heavily in the snow at the woman's feet. His muscles went into 
involuntary spasms as his blood spread quickly over the snow. The woman 
fainted. "Looks like we got here just in time." said Parker the hunter 
to his companion Pedro "Yeah, Boss, and not a bit too late." replied 
Pedro staring at the twitching creature. Then the transformation began 
as the two hunters looked on in amazement. "Damn! cried Parker 
suddenly, " No wonder we couldn't find him." The werewolf slowly 
changed into the village preacher who had arrived two  months earlier 
in the village. 

The villagers breathed a sigh of relief. 

However, a week later , Parker the hunter, was in his cabin, the full
moon was rising. He sat at a window staring at it as thick, grey fur 
began running down his arms!. 

Parker had figured that the village was too small for TWO werewolves.


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