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Cannon Ball Fruit Tree (standard:non fiction, 336 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 21 2012Views/Reads: 1833/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Naga Lingam Flower is sacred to Hindus as it represents Lord shiva and Naga, but to stand under the flower tree could be hazardous.

Cannon Ball Fruit Tree 

Subba Rao 

While walking on the campus to the main library years ago 

Juggernaut noticed a large tree with several attractive red flowers 

hanging from the tree trunk.  Juggernaut walked up to the tree to look 

at closely only to identify the flower as “Naga Lingam flower” sold 

near Hindu temples in India. 

The flower is intricate and complex, and looks like an orchid. 

It emits a strong pleasant fragrance.  On close examination Juggernaut 

understood why the flower was named as Naga Lingam; it has a large oval 

shape structure with short stamens at the base of the flower, these 

short stamens give the appearance of a cluster of “Lingams,” a symbol 

of Lord Shiva.  A large snake head shaped structure covers the Lingams 

below as if it is protecting the Lingams. Both snake and Lingam are 

sacred symbols for Hindus; no wonder these flowers are sold at a 

premier price at Hindu temples as offering to God. 

Eyes closed, standing on carpet of flowers on the ground with 

no local recognition of its value, Juggernaut thought to himself 

loud “how much money I could have made selling these flowers at a Hindu 

temple back home,” only to be awakened by a scream “Hey man,  be 

careful, watch your head from falling Cannon Balls,” a passerby student 

shouted at him. 

Juggernaut opened his eyes to see scores of cannonball size 

fruits  hanging as bunches from top of the tree and on the ground were 

large size fruits shattered open from the fall emitting foul smell, 

perhaps to attract animals to eat.  Juggernaut quickly ran away from 

the tree to make sure he won't be the victim of standing under a wrong 

tree at wrong time. On other hand, if he were to be hit by a falling 

canon ball fruit, he will be the first Hindu faithful knocked down  by 

a canon ball fruit; perhaps a warning  from Naga Lingam tree, “Don't 

touch me but you can worship me from a distance.” 


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