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So Long Snake Gourd Welcome Chi-Chi (standard:humor, 797 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Apr 29 2012Views/Reads: 1379/740Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is our responsibility to bring the culprits to justice that planted serious conspiracy to slander some veggies and fruits with funny and derogatory names despite their nutritional, medicinal and other values and in the process make fun of vegetarians w

So Long Snake Gourd Welcome Chi-Chi 

Subba Rao 

“I have an axe to grind against persons I consider reckless in 

calling some vegetables and fruits with funny and insulting names.” 

“What vegetables?” Dan looked at Juggernaut appeared agitated 

and sad. 

“Snake, Bitter, Wax, Bottle and  Coyote gourds, Lady's Finger, 

Egg Plant, Devil's Dung, Stinky Fruit, Horn Melon, Buddha's Hand, 

Dragon Fruit, Goat's Beard, and so on, these names are judgmental and 

descriptive to a point of insult. These veggies were in fact nutritious 

and tasty if cooked properly.” Juggernaut's voice was emotional and he 

was in tears. 

“Who were these people that bad-mouthed these veggies and 

fruits with derogatory names and what we are going to do about it?” Dan 

appeared to show some concern considering the fact Juggernaut was in 

some distress from the injustice done to these veggies and those that 

eat them on a regular basis. 

“I believe the people responsible for naming these veggies were 

not from the areas where these fruits and veggies were grown and yet 

indulged in bad mouthing and name calling.” “To add insult to the 

injury to these plants, I am flabbergasted to read the names of various 

meat cuts on menu; they sound so fabulous and even sexy. 

“Name some.” 

“A dish made from rubbery lining of stomach of animal offal is 

sold as Chitlins and Tripe in restaurants.  The other day I went to a 

steak house to order a regular steak, the fancy names on the menu given 

to various steak cuts of meat were mindboggling; T-Bone, Porter House, 

Tenderloin, Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand, Ambassador, Strip Club, 

Delmonico, Shell, Club, Chuck, London, Flank, Trip-Tip, Culotte, 

Triangle, French Cut, Chuck Arm, Arm Swiss, Rib-Eye, Chuck-Eye, Chuck 

Fillet, Philadelphia Steak, Kansas City Steak,  and so forth, each name 

is stylish and fancy. For crying out loud, these fancy names were given 

to various parts of animal body, nothing more.” 

“Now I can visualize sitting in a vegetarian restaurant and 

what I see on the menu; stuffed Bitter Melon, Snake Gourd stir-fry, 

Coyote squash or Wax gourd soup and stinky fruit salad; one can see and 

feel the great injustice done to these veggies by giving them ugly 

names with no regard to the vegetarians and yet label fancy names to 

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