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Sidebar (standard:Fan Fiction, 1059 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jun 18 2012Views/Reads: 1526/810Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
From sidebar Judge Juggernaut presides a case in which the defendent Mr. Yellowaters is represented by the defense lawyer Mr.Mel McMurtry and DA Dan Dukeran.


Subba Rao 

“Dan, would you please come to sidebar for a conference?” 

“Sidebar! What sidebar and where is at?” Dan looked at 

Juggernaut sitting at his large corner desk. 

“Sidebar is a legal jargon for a desk from where Judges 


“Well, you were not a judge and your desk is not a sidebar.” 

“I understand that but when we discuss legal matters of 

interest, I want to play the role of a judge and my desk turns into a 


“You were watching too many law and order shows on TV and 

wrapped up with legal lingo.” “If I were to be a prosecutor in the 

legal briefings, we need a mean lawyer to conduct counter arguments.” 

“I did create an imaginary defense lawyer named Mel McMurtry, 

a real life character with a sleazy personality.” 

“The name Mel comes across as a crooked old man with a grey 

mustache and McMurtry sounds like a bald heavy set pawn shop operator 

on a snow covered rural road.” 

“You are absolutely right; that's exactly what I have in mind 

when I created the character Mel MurMurty.” 

“When I will be meeting Mel McMurtry at the sidebar?” 

“Right now, let's reenact a court scene in which you bring a 

character Mr. Yellowaters to justice for polluting a river with 

wastewater from his factory.” “The court is in sessions and Judge 

Juggernaut is presiding,” Juggernaut announced himself sitting behind 

his desk or now a sidebar. “Well Dan Dookaran, the Assistant DA would 

you please present your case,” Juggernaut spoke softly to allow Dan to 

make an opening statement. 

Dan came close to sidebar and made a statement. “Your honor, 

years ago when Mr. Yellowaters was working as a General Manager, he 

willfully allowed wastewater from his factory to flow into a nearby 

river and now the law caught up with him since old satellite pictures 

came to light that show Mr. Yellowaters himself turning on factory 

wastewater discharge pipe into the  river.” 

“Well, counsel Mr.  McMurtry, do have an opening statement?” 

Judge Juggernaut asked. 

“Yes your honor, I am Mel McMurtry; I specialize in 

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