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My Dreaded English Teacher (standard:non fiction, 734 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jun 24 2012Views/Reads: 1293/753Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mr. Purshotham was English teacher at a Agricultural school, he took his job very seriously to a point it was detrimental; less learned and more harm from his tough grading. Juggernaut still gets nightmares thinking about his courses almost 4 decades ago.

My Dreaded English Teacher 

Subba Rao 

A slender middle aged brown skin man with a ridiculous 

mustache squeezed in a very narrow space taught English at a college 

that trained students in agricultural sciences.  Mr. Purshotham, the 

English teacher wore either a light Green or Beige trouser 

alternatively week long and never wore a short-sleeve shirt.  The 50- 

year college surrounded by paddy fields located in a rural area was 

known for high quality education in farming techniques.  Nine semester 

hours of English was a requirement to graduate from the college. That's 

lot of hours in English for a degree in farming 

Mr. Purshotham knew exactly how a particular vowel or 

consonant shall sound in a word, in the process his jaw bones rotated 

in many directions like a well oiled machine. His eyes showed an 

expression demanding recognition from the students how good he was in 

pronouncing words as part of good English. Students, mostly from 

farming community didn't give a damn about his accent; they just want a 

good grade in English that doesn't mess up their overall GPA. But Mr. 

Purshotham was unwilling to give a good grade; he gave A' to handful 

of students, B' to some in a class of over 180, most ended up either 

with C' or worse F'. That messed up GPA in the very first year of a 

long 4-year program.  This didn't bother Mr. Purshotham as he walked on 

the campus with a flare of self confidence as the only person on the 

campus that spoke Queens English. 	Teachers in other fields of 

specialty improvised by whatever means to compensate their short 

comings in English. For example, the Biochemistry teacher just read 

from his notes in the classroom not making any eye contact with the 

students at all,  students in Animal Science class paid more attention 

to the fancy foot work of the teacher while he delivered the lectures, 

they named him appropriately Foot and Mouth,'; while lecturing, the 

Botany teacher used palm of his both hands  as if he was protecting 

himself from a Dodgeball;  the Civil Engineering teacher marched around 

with his long thin limbs as if he was in a marching band  just to 

explain the difference between King-Post and Queen-Post Truss. Not Mr. 

Purshotham, he has a vast vocabulary in his English repository; leaning 

on the black board with his hands folded in front in a relaxing mode, 

the words flowed from his mouth like water from a fully opened faucet 

and articulated so well as if he was singing. He took a month to 

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