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The People (standard:other, 252 words)
Author: Fanny11Added: Jul 20 2012Views/Reads: 1804/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about 4 people who live in a large apartment complex. It is about their lives and how they live them.

wort count 263                  The People 

There were three of them, a man a woman and a boy. The man and the woman
looked to be in their fifties. The man was short with a medium build  
brown hair and a mustache. His name was Tim. The boy was tall with 
blonde curly hair he looked to be twenty some years, but his mentality 
was that of a ten year old. His name was Chris. Nancy called him the because when he was given a piece of information he would run 
to the woman whose name was Dot to tell her. Nancy liked Chris he was 
funny and very smart. 

Dot was short and over weight she was not very pretty. There was a lot
of moles located on her neck they looked as if someone had taken a 
handful and pitch them there. Nancy felt nauseous looking at them. Dot 
wore her hair short and smoothed back. Nancy thought,from the back she 
looked like a man. 

Dot's boyfriend would come and go. He was a quiet man, but sometimes he
would get angry at Dot and he would bounce her around the small 
apartment they lived it. Dot smiled very little she went to lunch a lot 
in the large apartment complex they lived in. Nancy would sometimes see 
Tim sitting and talking with Chris who seemed to enjoy it very much. 
They were her neighbors for two years. when she left for college she 
knew she would miss the people.


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