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Ritual Specialist (standard:other, 528 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 20 2012Views/Reads: 2382/1970Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Unlike Hindu priests and Pundits, Ritual Specialist could be of any age, gender, race or nationalty. It is a life long profession that requires austerity, compliance and comformaty in conducting Hindu rituals.

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“Are you related to Juggernaut?” 

“I am his brother.” 

“Really, I don't see that much similarity” 

“It is all in beholder's eyes.” 

“True, what you both have in common?” 

“We both love food.” 

“Don't we all love food?” 

“Our love towards food is sacred.” 




“We live to eat, that's the purpose of our living; some of our 

RS brethren died from overeating.” 

“Forgive me for asking, can anybody can be trained as an RS or 

it is a family trade hand over from generation to generation?” 

“Having a family member practicing as an RS is helpful but not 

a requirement or necessary to be an RS. Any person irrespective of age, 

gender, ethnicity or nationality can be trained as an RS; it is a 

lifelong profession that requires conformity, austerity and compliance 

to learn and practice the profession, shall I schedule for a ritual for 

your success?” 

“Let's do it on coming Saturday then.” 

“I am afraid, I am booked for Saturday but Tuesday is equally 

a holy day to do pooja.” 

“Sounds good to me, how shall I address you RS or Pundit?” 

“I prefer RS to go with current Job titles.” 

“Jai Sita Ram.” 

“Jai Sita Ram.” 


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