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Ritual Specialist (standard:other, 528 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 20 2012Views/Reads: 2349/1949Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Unlike Hindu priests and Pundits, Ritual Specialist could be of any age, gender, race or nationalty. It is a life long profession that requires austerity, compliance and comformaty in conducting Hindu rituals.

Ritual Specialist 

Subba Rao 

“What is your job title?” asked Dan. 

“Ritual Specialist, or RS in short,” said Paramesar, a man in 

mid fifties; short black curly hair spread over his head in a fashion 

as if it followed invisible fault lines. 

“Are you a Hindu priest?” 

“No, I am not a priest, I don't work at temples.” 

“So, what a Ritual Specialist or RS does?” 

“Well, I conduct rituals for a fee.” 

“You mean Hindu rituals?” 

“Yes, all kind of Hindu rituals such as pooja or special 

prayer for any event or occasion, chanting Hindu hymns, singing 

Bhajans, celebrating various auspicious days according to Hindu 

calendar, all in the name of God for the  good of people,” Paramesar 

was polite. 

“That's good to hear; what kind of training you received to 

become an RS?” 

“Sanskrit is the Gods language and the original Hindu 

scriptures such as Upanishads, Vedic mantras, epic stories, poems, 

hymns, psalms etc., were written in Sanskrit, therefore understanding 

Sanskrit is very crucial; correct pronunciation of words, its meaning 

and interpretation is equally important; I learned all the mantras to 

conduct all kinds of rituals through several years of apprenticeship as 

a disciple under an eminent Hindu priest.” “The Hindu Bhajans or 

devotional  songs were written in praise of God; the purpose of singing 

Bhajans is to attract and attain the focus of the devotees during the 

worship; therefore soft and soothing voice is necessary in maintaining 

the melody and rhythm in singing Bhajans,” Paramesar  started singing a 

Bhajan in his sweet voice. 

“So, it was more like home study for several years under the 

guidance of a Hindu priest.” 

“Yes, something like that.” 

“What else is important for a ritual?” 

“In every ritual, participation of devotees under the guidance 

of RS is a must to reap the benefits of a ritual; the devotee shall 

participate with full belief whole-heartedly, after all the ritual is 

paid by the devotees for their own benefit.” 

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