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Biloxi Blues (standard:travel stories, 304 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 22 2012Views/Reads: 1499/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One of Juggernaut's biographical sketches.

Biloxi Blues 

Subba Rao 

“Dr. Guthrie?” 

“Yes, I am Guthrie, do we met?” 

“Sure, remember me?”  “We met some years ago at a conference 

in Trinidad.” 

“Ummm, yes, yes, that was a long time ago.” 

“Indeed, I suggested a project to classify soils in Jamaica as 

per USDA system, remember.” 

“Yes, I got that job and had wonderful time in Jamaica doing 


“I did saw your report later; it was very comprehensive and 


“Thank you.” 

“I just arrived in the United States on an immigrant visa and 

came to this conference seeking job opportunities in Soil Science; 

since we are in the same field, I am wondering if you have any leads.” 

Dr. Guthrie appeared uneasy. “Good luck,” he said and left in 

a hurry never to see him again during the two-day conference. 

Juggernaut thoughts went back to years ago when he first met 

Dr. Guthrie at a conference in Trinidad.  Dr. Guthrie and Juggernaut 

spent lot of time together during the conference attending meetings and 

participating in several field trips throughout the Island over a 

period of several days.  During the meeting, Juggernaut suggested a 

project for Dr. Guthrie to categorize Jamaican soils as per 7th 

Approximation USDA Soil Classification. Juggernaut never heard from 

Guthrie after the meeting. Apparently, Dr. Guthrie later received 

grants to work in Jamaica classifying the soils.  Juggernaut came 

across the Guthrie's report several years later in a library. On the 

advice of fellow scientists in the field, on arriving In US as an 

immigrant, he visited a conference in Biloxi to explore job 

opportunities. When Juggernaut met Dr. Guthrie after several years, he 

was excited to see him, hoping he may give some leads; instead Dr. 

Guthrie behaved strange and tried to avoid meeting Juggernaut 

altogether. May be it was Biloxi blues that affected Guthrie. 


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