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Spanning the Globe (standard:non fiction, 354 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Jul 22 2012Views/Reads: 1262/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The various incarnations of God, as many as 3 million in HIndu faith creates a doubt in the minds of people from other faith beleiving that Hindus worship idols of millions of Gods; in fact all Hindus believe that there is one God,but just like Catholic f

Spanning the Globe 

Subba Rao 

The Catholics have a long list of Patron Saints both male and 

female each with a specific duty in helping mankind.  Similarly, Hindus 

have millions of manifestations of God, each assigned with a specific 

responsibility to protect the mankind from every imaginable 

misfortune.  Hanuman, half human and half monkey God incarnate from 

Hindu mythology has incredible power to span across the globe to come 

to rescue anybody in distress. The spirit of Hanuman is always with 

every Hindu particularly when they were in distress. 

The Hindus were grossly misunderstood by the people of other 

religions because they call each incarnation or manifestation as God 

with given name and thus end up naming millions as Gods. When followers 

of every faith believes that there is only one God and Hindus have 

millions of Gods, it sounds downright bizarre and leads to a miss 

belief that Hindu religion is cult like despite the fact over a billion 

believers worldwide. If Hindus stop using the name God for the millions 

of manifestations and simply call something close to Saint or 

incarnate, then people outside the Hindu belief understands that for 

Hindus also there is only one God and Hindus have different names to 

suit physical manifestations.  Until this subject is cleared up, 

Hinduism will continue to get bad rap as some kind of cult with ghostly 


The Catholics have thousands of patron Saints to satisfy 

their need with multiple choices for devotion and Hindus have the same 

choice when it comes to devotion of various manifestations of God 

without getting branded as idol worshippers. 

The Catholic Patron Saints were men and women first and lead 

normal life then reached sainthood by doing good deeds where the Hindu 

incarnations are manifestation of God in different forms, shapes and 

genders came on earth to punish evil and save the humanity. If somebody 

is living in tiny island of Trinidad or India or anywhere in the world 

they have a wide choice to recall either a Patron Saint or any one of 

Hindu Incarnates of God to give internal strength to fight the 



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