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TO SIR, WITH LOVE (standard:drama, 1051 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Nov 01 2022Views/Reads: 88/22Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Amy dreads going to her maths class. She hates the teacher so much that she can't wait till she leaves school. But is she rid of him for good? Only time will tell!

Amy couldn't wait till the end of the maths lesson. Talk about boring.
Why did she have to do maths? The teacher was so nasty towards her that 
she felt like telling him what he could do with his rotten class. 

When the bell rang for the end of the lesson, Amy picked up her stuff
and headed towards the door, but before she could get that far she was 
called back. 

‘Not concentrating on your work, are you, Amy?' the teacher asked. 

‘I hate maths and I hate you. Anyway, I'm leaving in a few weeks. What
are you gonna do? put me in detention till that day arrives.' 

Amy ran out of the classroom. She was never going to go anywhere near
that lesson again. Well, she only had two weeks left. Who was going to 
miss her? 

After running out of the classroom, instead of going to the next lesson,
she sneaked through the gates and headed towards the park. She wanted 
to get away from that place and that horrible teacher. 

She spent most of the afternoon sitting on a swing, in the park,
watching the world go by. Well, she couldn't think of anything better 
to do. 

After a while, she got fed up, so decided to get off the swing and make
her way into town. When in town, she ran into one of her mates. 

‘Chloe, what are you doing here?' Amy asked. 

‘The same as you - avoiding that bloody school. I hate the place.' 

‘Come on let's go and get some coffee,' Amy said to her. 

So that is what they did, but when they got to the coffee shop, they had
a surprise when they saw who was sitting inside. 

‘What the heck is he doing here,' Amy said to Chloe. 

‘He must have a free lesson. Come on, let's get away from here before he
notices us.' 

The two girls turned and ran. They headed to another place much away, so
that a certain teacher wouldn't spot them. 

As the two girls were sitting in the cafe, Amy turned to Chloe and said:

‘I can't wait till it's time to leave that school I've been counting the
days, and then I can say good riddance to that horrible man.' 

‘He's not that bad,' Chloe answered while deciding what she was going to
have to eat and drink.' 

‘Not that bad? He's a pain in the backside. He's done nothing but pick
on me since the day he first arrived at the school.' 

The two girls stayed in the cafe for ages. They were waiting for the
time they could go home without having to run into anyone wanting to 
know why they weren't at school. 

The weeks went by and it was time to leave school. But before Amy was
about to walk out of the school gates, she turned and made her way back 
towards the building. She wanted a word with a certain person before 
finally walking out the gate. 

When she got to where she wanted to go, she saw him standing there,
looking as smug as ever. Who did he think he was? She wanted to wind 
him up good and proper. 

‘You all right, Sir?' she asked him. ‘So you gonna miss me?' she then
asked him. 

He just looked at her in the manner that she was used to. She was
convinced he wasn't going to answer her, but then he said: 

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