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Quest for Self (standard:fantasy, 637 words)
Author: SalamanderAdded: Oct 04 2000Views/Reads: 3428/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another Canor and Silvire story, this time focusing on Silvire... A little odd, blast me all you want...

“Dragon: A mythical creature that is supposed to be reptile in nature.
Dragon appearance varies dramatically with different claims.” The boy 
finished reading, and turned towards the large serpent behind him. 
“Will that be all?” 

“Look up Wyrm,” hissed Silvire. “And be quick about. Too much longer and
people will notice.” 

“I’m surprised they haven’t already.” The boy was clearly scared, but
handling the situation well. The snake only snarled in reply, and the 
boy quickly flipped to W in the dictionary. “Wyrm: A long, snakelike 
creature that is a reptile. These creatures frequently attack villages 
and feast on human flesh.” 

“A, that’s not it...” Silvire hissed softly, praying that no
one would notice him and attack. “Look up Wyvern! Quickly!” 

The boy laughed. “I can tell you all about them. They’re Wyrms with
wings, and you’re obviously not one.” Silvire glared at the boy, but 
did nothing. He slithered away, muttering bitterly as he went. What was 
he? It was driving him mad! 

At first, Silvire had tried to find out information in Delquin, one of
the great mixed cities. Animals, men, and combinations lived in harmony 
there. He was not completely rejected, but looked upon with disgust, 
and gained nothing useful there. 

He had then inquired instead of “What am I,” “Am I a ____?” No useful
results had come. This was the breaking point. Why was he rejected 
everywhere? Because he was a reptile? Because he didn’t walk like a 
“normal person”? 

Silvire stopped at the town’s lake. It was calm and still, except for
the faint ripples caused by Silvire’s breathing. The Gifted, that’s 
what they were. All those two-leggers and four-leggers. They complained 
about everything, but they had all the gifts and richness. They had 
soaked it all up, leaving Silvire with nothing. Or maybe they just got 
there first, and were hard at work repelling him. 

Silvire was rejected. Among animals, he was feared because he was a
giant. Among men, he was a monster. Among animal Kin, he was only a 
large animal. His last hope had been the ranks of monsters, the ones 
that ripped apart children in the night. At least it was a life. 

Did Silvire care if humans died? No. The Gifted deserved punishment for
their sins, and the monsters delivered it. They would die until they 
had paid fully. What was it to Silvire if they died? He deserved the 
hoarded gifts of acceptance! 

An empty path was the only one where Silvire could walk. 

He turned and stared at the small schoolhouse. Children played. They
laughed and sang. Danced around, happily, smiling, looking forward to 
happy futures. 

Silvire was left apart. Outcast. That was it, he was an outcast! The
place where others could dump all their built up fears and petty 
angers. He wasn’t one of them, so he wasn’t anything, was he? Oh, he 
was something, all right! He was alive! He was there! 

He was a nightmare. The word came suddenly came to mind, and Silvire
smiled coldly. That was the only word that could define him. Something 
that should only come in dreams. But this nightmare had been ignored 
for too long. Silvire was death. Silvire was justice. Silvire was what 
the gods had sent to Earth, to reawaken everything! 

Silvire roared, and practically flew back towards the town. The children
scattered, screaming. Panicking at what they saw. The boy who had 
helped Silvire earlier stood dumb-struck. Silvire struck and ripped his 
flesh apart. The boy screamed to death. 

A few men with swords attacked, but were thrown off by Silvire. How dare
they question the hand of the Gods! Silvire devoured every last person 
in the village. 

After the bloody deed was done, Silvire looked into the lake, only to
find it stained a deep red... He grinned. 


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