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Rebirth (standard:poetry, 326 words)
Author: MidnightWritersGuildAdded: Oct 04 2000Views/Reads: 3563/1952Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Begun with a sad intent, this lost lover truly finds his calling in life.

This is my first submission. I would appreciate feedback! Thanks for
reading, please enjoy. 


To solemnly stare into the silence, 

I scream, 

I scream for one to love, 

One to care for, 

One to listen. 

The emptiness of my soul is incomparable, 

The hurt, indescribable. 

I ask why, why! 

There is no answer, 

For no one listens. 

No one cares. 

The questions spiral endlessly, 

But there are still no answers, still no answers. 

The darkness comes closer, 

The loneliness more intense. 

It is suffocating, drowning, relentless. 

Why! Why do you taunt me so? 

Why is there nothing to be, nothing to do. 

Nothing to share, no one to share with? 

Still silence, still no answers. 

The darkness laughs into my soul, 

The nights stand lonely, a pit of sadness. 

There, on the horizon, there is hope 

The perfect being. I run towards it. 

Arms open. 

Happily, I have found someone! 

There is hope! I have found a love. 

Someone to share with, 

Someone to care for. 

As I get closer, the image fades 

I cannot see you, 

You feel so far away, 

But you are yet so close. 

But subconsciously I know you’re there 

I feel your presence, as a guiding light, 

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