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Into the Darkness (part 1) (standard:fantasy, 985 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: Dru JUpdated: Aug 31 2002Views/Reads: 2910/1853Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of two creatures as old as time it self, try to live iwth what they ahve made them selves into.

"Can you sit still?" She demanded 

"Look I am a little jumpy." 

"A little? You haven't stopped squirming in the last half hour." She was
getting annoyed. 

"So?" He stopped pacing. 

"So, we are trying not to think about it." 

"How can we not think about? They are coming for us." His obvious
distress made her uneasy. This wasn't any different then any other time 
that they had come, why was he making such a big deal out of it? 

"Look, they are always coming. Always one town behind us, always one
step behind us, they have fallowed our trail since the start of this. 
Just because they are a little closure then usual doesn't mean 
anything." She stopped not sure if she was trying to ease herself or 

"Then why are you scared?" 

"I am not scared." A train passed over the track behind the run down
building. Their conversation was drowned out by the sound. Dust fell 
from the roof and the hanging lights swung back and forth. 

"You are too scared." He said once the train had passed. 

"What ever makes you think that?" She didn't like the idea that people
thought that she was scared, even him. 

"You are holding so tightly to the arms of your chair Zorian that your
fingers have gone all white. I looked down and much to me own distress 
they were all white. Why hadn't I known I was doing that? 

"Well if we are both so scared why on earth are we just sitting here?
Why aren't we running to the next city like we always do?" 

"Easy, we are tired." 

"Our kind don't get tired." She knew what he meant though. 

"Not physically tired Zorian. But you know tired of it all of always
having to run when ever they get close to us." 

"Then why don't we just deal with them? We did when we were younger."
Though she knew it had been hard then. 

"We were younger, faster, stronger, we were better then. Now though we
are old and week and tired and I  don't think that we could fight them. 
Well we could fight them I just don't think that we would win." She 
stood keeping her hands hidden behind her, not wanting him to see how 
they  trembled. She cursed under her breath at her own fear. 

"Are we old Damien?" She asked. 

"Yes Zorian we are very old." 

"When did this happen? When did we stop being the top of our game?" He

"Oh I'm guessing some where between when we were born and now." She
scowled at him. 

"I could have told you that." She walked over to the far wall and
started to play with the faded wall paper that had started to peel off. 
"You don't know do you?" 

He stopped smiling. "No I don't know. I have no idea when we stopped
being the best of the best of the elite." 

"Do you think there is anything we could do about it? Any thing we could
do to bring us back up to the top?" 

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