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Freak Eden (standard:fantasy, 1313 words)
Author: VioletAdded: Jun 14 2002Views/Reads: 3182/2045Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a girl, a faerie, a secret. joy.

In the beginning, there was a garden.  It was beautiful and green then,

with lush, fragrant flowers and fruits.  It was Paradise then.  But that
was the beginning. 

And this is now.  Now the garden has changed.  People still think it's
paradise, they 

renamed it after the angels.  But it's a different kind of beauty now. 
Now it's all concrete 

metal and lights.  Now it's all famous people, punk rockers and freaky
cults.  It's a 

different kind of paradise now.  Freak Eden. 

My name is Delilah.   My parents named me after that bible story... you

The one where Delilah cuts off all of Samson's hair to take away his
power.  My own 

hair is presently dyed pink... a shade of fuchsia my mother says is
Mab-like.   I do not 

know what this means.  Maybe it's a good thing. 

“Oh, you can ruin your hair like that, darling,” She says with a
backward glance, 

not particularly caring if my once-strawberry hair all breaks off in
clumps because she's 

late for work, or maybe a date with hr new boyfriend Ben. Parents are
just like that 


At school, my only friend is Eden.  Like the Siamese twin I never had,
Eden is 

always there.  His hair is dyed the same “Mab-like” fuchsia.  Sometimes
he wears 

eyeliner like mine, the same black current lipstick I bought in 8th
grade from the same 

lipstick tube.  He is beautiful like the garden from where he got his
name.  But people 

fear what they don't know, and they could not know him any less. 

“Hey! Why do you hang out with girls all the time?  Is there something
we don't 

know?”  Kindergarten boys would snicker.  Then when I spat at them,
“Even a little 

girlie's tougher than you, Nancy boy.”  Eden stuck daisy chains in his
hair and didn't 


“I am the faerie, you're the evil queen who kidnaps me until I make you

with flowers and light and cupcakes.”  The other boys would just laugh
as Eden picked 

up sand and put it in cupcake tins.  “For you, my queen.”  I pretended
to eat the sand, and 

he would give me daisy chains as the boys cracked up.  He's a real fairy
all right,  they 

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