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The Beckoning (standard:fantasy, 2105 words)
Author: A.C BunkerAdded: Jul 09 2003Views/Reads: 3432/2357Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alessondro and his companion Filipo two elite guards for a shrewd elf king get warped into a unknown world and search for a way home but soon lose vision of returning home in attempt of helping a mysterious girl and her town on the brink of war..

“The Beckoning” You never really get tired from running when you're an
elf and trust me it comes in handy. I didn't know why we were being 
chased and frankly I didn't care. OK, let me backtrack for a sec. I go 
by the name of Alessondro and my companion's name is Filipo. Neither of 
us is entirely sure of how we got here or where "here" is. We were part 
of a small elite group protecting King Corrado, and one night we fell 
asleep in a cave and woke up in another world with spears and swords up 
our ass'. Running, I could sense Filipo falling behind, I have always 
been the better runner but he was always the first to start running if 
you know what I mean. I knew that the arrows were coming from a old 
tower that didn't even look like it could stand and it had so many 
vines that I think they were actually giving the tower support. We 
ended up running into a small cave by a glistering waterfall it seemed 
a safe place to stay for now... Night was getting closer and our 
attempts at making a fire weren't getting any better so we decided to 
just call it a day and try to sleep. I awoke during the night to find 
Filipo gone from the cave. I wasn't worried he had done things like 
this before, so I made my way to the arch of the cave and peered into 
the night for a sign of movement and for a second I was mesmerized by 
the reflection of the moon in the pond, when I heard a crash through 
the bushes to my right. As quickly as the noise erupted it was silent 
once again and as I peered into the darkness I saw Filipo with a 
grimace upon his face. As I approached him I saw the reason of his 
horror. There was a wounded tiger about the size of a grown man lying 
on its side. It already appeared that Filipo had used some magic to 
hurry up the healing. I insisted on returning to the cave telling 
Filipo he had done all he could but he demanded we stay with the tiger 
there. After five minutes of arguing I agreed with him to stay with the 
tiger outside of the protection of our cave. And once again I slipped 
away into the world of sleep. When I awoke I was surprised to see that 
the wound on the tiger was nothing but a scar and the cat was moving 
around as it pleased. After a quick meal of bread and water we were 
once again on our way this time at a more agreeable pace. After I 
couple hours of walking and a couple rest stops we came upon canyon 
with a wide creek running between it. As we walked through it something 
didn't feel quite right I kept seeing glances of something moving 
around the ledges above us, I took no serious note of it and told 
myself it was animals scurrying  around. As we approached a bridge 
crossing over a crack between the canyons, arrows were fired from above 
us. I estimated there to be about ten archers above us. We started to 
run across the bridge and found ourselves facing ten more footmen. With 
the tiger between us and scimitars drawn we charged the link of men 
reducing there numbers in half only to find ten more men waiting. 
Surrounded and arrows hailing in at our heads Filipo demanded me to 
envelope us in a globe of darkness to assist our escape. As we ran 
through the ambush by luck an arrow pierced me in the thigh causing me 
to lose my concentration and the globe of darkness. The small amount of 
soldiers left, caught Filipo by surprise and before I could even think 
about aiding him he was cut in half and his blood was running past my 
feet. In a rage I drew my scimitars and attacked the group of soldiers 
that were approaching me. The first one jabbed at me with his spear and 
I knocked it easily aside with one scimitar and with the other made a 
hole in his stomach and ripped up through his collarbone. Two more 
soldiers quickly came at me with short swords, I dove over them and as 
I did I stuck my blade down and stabbed through the soldier's cranium 
and used it as a pivot to swing around and kick the other soldier to 
the ground. Leaving the sword in the man's head I ran over and stabbed 
the bastard that I kicked in the head. And before I knew it I had 
stabbed him countless times and was covered with blood from head to 
waist. I sat there stunned but was soon forced back into action again 
when an arrow hit the body I was sitting on splattering even more blood 
on me . I quickly gathered my swords and grabbed what was left of 
Filipo's body and made my way down the creek. I came upon what looked 
like an old village. I buried Filipo's body part and had a short 
ceremony. He definitely deserved much more then I had time or will to 
give. After all the tears and grief I had strength for ended I made 
shelter in one of the old huts. As I was getting ready to go to sleep 
to tired to even care if I was attacked in the night, a little girl 
crept into the hut( proving my statement about being to tired to care). 
The girl couldn't have been any older then sixteen but she had the most 
luscious red curly hair and the deepest brown eyes that always seemed 
to stare through you. After a minutes of silence she spoke out "You 
know there are people looking for you, but I don't think they'll find 
you here" I was so taken back by the sweet sound of her voice, I 
couldn't even find the strength to speak out. So I did the next best 

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