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Fantasy's Water (standard:fantasy, 809 words)
Author: Charlotte D'EspoirAdded: Jul 16 2003Views/Reads: 3350/2171Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A woman, growing older, clinging to a fantasy. Is it real? Does it matter?

It was bright out, the sun had just rose and the birds were waking up. I
stood at the edge of the forest staring into it's depths. It looked 
like a normal forest but I knew better, and I walked into the forest, 
aware that as I entered it, it seemed that everything quieted. With my 
hands clenched into fists, I took a deep breath without pausing and 
walked on. Knowing that if I paused at all on my journey, I might just 
not make it. Climbing over roots and giant boulders, I made my way 
through, following signs that only I could see, my internal roadmap 
identifying certain trees and fallen logs. This forest sat at the edge 
of a mountain and it was full of towering pines in the entrance but a 
few meters into it it became dense with trees i did not know the name 
of, with roots riddling the ground little little archways i myself 
could crawl through if i got on my hands and knees. And then there were 
the boulders. Great giant obstructions that stood always it seemed 
wedged between two massive trunks, and I was forced to climb over them. 
Half of them were round and smooth and impossible to climb while the 
other half were badly cracked and falling apart, trecherous and held 
within their depths snakes and such. 

About an hour into my travel I came across the lake. 

I peered into it's bottomless depths only to come face to face with
darkness. No reflection was ever cast upon these waters. Slowly, I made 
my way to the other side of the lake and dipped my hands into it. As if 
to parch my thirst I drank deeply of the water. I had been doing this 
for years. I had found this lake some time ago, after a hike and had 
come back continuously over time. Quietly, I lay back and stared up at 
the canopy above my head, My bright purple sundress slghtly rippling in 
the soft wind. I watched the trees sway and the leaves dance above me 
and smiled. 

Soon all was quiet and no breeze passed through this place, but still
the leaves danced. Unseen magic flew through the air and everything 
swirled around me into a different forest, with a similar lake. The 
green was different, the trees a different sort. Their bark was a pale 
golden glow. I called out into this new land. I called out a name I had 
learned from my heart. Tojerhii. And on the winds, a reply came, my 
Safarraji. A swirl of blue sand appeared and settled, standing in the 
middle was a man. He was very tan and had dark flowing hair. I stared 
into his dark eyes and I went to him. He was dressed in an outfit 
similar to an Arab I suppose. And I, in my violet sundress, I smiled. 
We embraced and our eyes met. Two world's colliding. 

I could feel our love for each other so strong. It flowed between us as
a fire, ever burning with desire. We kissed fiercely and soon our 
urgent kisses slowed but were mixed with a passion so strong the earth 
seemed to quake below us. He lowered me to the soft earth below me and 
pressed against me. My breath quickening, my eyes closing, my body 
reacting. He ran his hands all over me and I arched my back. I must 
have cried out for him, for he chuckled and sweetly whispered in my ear 
'in a moment'. His lips found my throat and I wrapped my legs around 
him, my dress hiking up. He continued to nibbled on my neck and I tore 
at his shirt, releasing a moan when my hungry fingers finally made 
contact with his smooth chest. I ran my finger's over him, raking my 
nails across his nipples. He managed to remove his pants and I took the 
opportunity of his position to take his nipples into my mouth. He slid 
his fingers up my dress and pushed me back down. Alright, he moaned, 
now. We made love and as he took me I cried out his name into the warm 
air, and as it ended, he whispered mine. As we lay on the grassy floor, 
entwined in each other's arms I felt at peace. 

We chatted about our days and what the other had missed. As the sun set,
we resettled our clothes and he hurried me to the water's edge. But, 
before I drank, he lifted my chin and spoke, I shall wait for you, my 
love, I will always wait for you, soon you will be able to join me. 

As I drank of the dark waters, this thought gave me hope. As the liquid,
still cool, flowed through my body, my golden flowing hair grew gray, 
and my twinkling blue eyes wrinkled around the edges, my body slowed 
and my hands trembled. I was back in my forest. Slowly I made my way 
back to my home through the darkness. I entered the cottage, and was 
greeted by Amelia. Dear sweet Amelia. 

She looked at me with worry and spoke; mum, you're too old to be

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