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Goodbye Quack (youngsters:poetry, 194 words)
Author: DaveAdded: Aug 31 2003Views/Reads: 3689/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I once had a duck named Quacky.

I once had a duck named Quacky, 

he was a wee bit whacky. 

During summer we played together, all day and all night. 

Quacky would even comfort me in times of fright. 

As time passed on, we became great pals. 

I listened to Quacky talk, quack, quack, quack, never a meow. 

Quacky's feathers felt as soft as freshly stuffed pillows, as we lay on
the neighbor's lawn. 

With Quacky around, life was exciting, never time for a yawn. 

Summer with Quacky went by so fast, 

soon winter would come, just like it's done in the past. 

I knew what was coming; I could feel it in my heart. 

I knew someday winter would force us to part. 

It was getting colder now, Quacky would soon leave. 

Parting from him was something I could never conceive. 

So finally came the day, 

when Quacky went away. 

It was late September, 

Oh!  I hate to remember. 

I asked Quacky “why?”, 

but got no reply. 

So began Quacky's flight to the south. 

I can still feel the tears running into my mouth. 

I hope every night that he will come back. 

Oh how I miss his beautiful quack.


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