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The Hidden Land (standard:fantasy, 689 words)
Author: P.D. BrownAdded: May 13 2005Views/Reads: 3276/2154Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a journey not to be forgotton! But what happens next. Feedback most welcome!

"Where are we?" Sadida asked excited. 

"You are in the kingdom of Khahaggi." A voice echoed back. 

"Who said that?" cried Bammbushka. 

"Well I don't know." answered Gondolian. 

"I said it." The voice responded back. "You must travel to Sullivan
Castle where you will be told what to do next. Follow the orders you 
are given." The graveled voice died down. 

In unison the brothers followed each other and saw all the changing
seasons as they strolled towards the castle.  Gondolian, the oldest of 
the boys went in front and Bammbushka behind him and the youngest and 
smallest of the group, Sadida hopelessly slow, traced behind. The sun 
when they made their way towards Sullivan Castle was blazing yellow and 
making the boys sweat but as they were to continue their journey the 
weather began to change. Leaves fell from the trees and shriveled 
underneath the stump, turning brown as the boys strolled past. The wind 
began to howl, as they grew closer towards the mountains. 

"Wow they are huge!" Sadida bellowed out in a burst of energy. "Look
ahead Gondolian!" Just then a beautiful maiden proceeded out of an 
alcove and stopped the boys in their tracks. 

"Where are you lads off to." She spoke directly looking into Gondolian's

"We are on a mission!" Sadida sharply replied. Her highness strolled
over to the little man. 

"What mission is this you are on, young sir!" 

Sadida had lost his words in a moment of admiring the maiden's long
ginger hair and deep penetrating blue eyes. 

"We are making way to Sullivan Castle." Sadida replied back. 

"No you mustn't go there!" The maid responded. 

"Oh why is that?" Gondolian asked as Bammbushka looked on in amusement 

"Never mind! You'll find out. Let me take you there I know the way so
very well!" They all set of together. "My name by the way is Princess 
Frannia and I will serve you boys however you want me too." 

The castle was visible to the eye as they came near to the first

"That is the castle you want!" Princess Frannia pointed towards it." 

"How much longer I'm getting tired." Sadida quipped. 

"Not much. Just about I would think another day's walk." 

"Another day!" The boys said in unison. 

"Yes that is what I said." Princess Frannia grinned. 

Snow lay thickly upon the ground leaving their footprints behind them.
Although they had been traveling for many hours it felt they had been 
on their journey, for days. From behind the trees a snow leopard 
roared. Sadida quickly turned around to see if he could see what the 
noise was. 

"Hello." said the snow leopard. "May I travel along with you where ever
you are going!" 

"You can talk!" Sadida said at the top of his voice. 

"Sure I can talk." The snow leopard answered back. 

What had started out as only three traveling to the castle, was now
five. Sadida had decided that his new pet was to be the snow leopard. 

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