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WARNINGS (standard:horror, 1168 words)
Author: KatAdded: Aug 13 2005Views/Reads: 2948/2086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a repost and edit of my original story warnings that i posted in 2002, someone commented on it and asked me to update it so here we go!

It was on a dreary night of November when the rain slashed the midnight
sky and thunder rolled ominously in the distance; a promise that the 
worst was yet to come.  It was this night that Shelley found herself 
driving home late from work.  Some of her fellow co-workers had invited 
her out for drinks, but Shelley was having trouble with her latest 
project and was anxious to get home to work on it.  She was so tuned in 
to her inner thoughts that she never noticed the movements in the back 
seat of her car. 

Suddenly she heard a noise, and her rhythmic tapping on the steering
wheel halted as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She 
checked her mirrors and behind her, only to find that she was alone.  
She mentally chided herself and chalked it up to being overtired and 
reached over to switch on the radio. “This just in, yet another life of 
a local female was claimed today by what the media has nicknamed the 
Grimm Reaper.  He has a history of mental illness and likes to target 
young women, alone in their cars.  As yet, neither the media nor the 
police have been able to link the killings with any gang or other 
special cause groups.  The police are suggesting that young women be 
accompanied out to their cars at night by a security guard or  family 
member.”  Shelley nervously cut the announcer off before she could hear 
anymore and inserted her favorite CD into the player on the dashboard, 
loudly singing along off-key. 

My excitement is growing. I don't know how much longer I can prolong
this.  Her nervousness fuels my hunger for her.  As I lay behind her, I 
carefully watch her every move as the wooden handle slips and slides in 
my sweaty grasp.  Suddenly she takes a sharp curve and I fall to the 
floor with a light thud.  I freeze as I hear her gasp, and the tapping 
stops.  My heart starts slowly beating again as she turns the volume 
back up and I gently and quietly ease myself back to a horizontal 
position on the seat, my movements muffled by her boisterous singing.  
I gently lay down the hatchet and reach into my jacket for my gloves.  
I slide the cool black leather over my hands.  I feel the car slow and 
notice bright lights glaring down at me through the passenger window.  
As the car comes to a stop, I quickly realize that the girl has pulled 
into a gas station. Knowing that this could ruin everything, I dive 
under an old blanket that she has carelessly left on the floor. 

A half an hour had passed before Shelley noticed that her gas tank was
running on empty.  She saw a sign up ahead for a gas station and pulled 
off the main road into the parking lot of a run down, nearly deserted 
station.  She got out of the car and unscrewed the cap to her gas tank. 
After picking up the gas nozzle, she realized that it was after 11 and 
she had to pay inside first.  Irritated, she replaced the gas nozzle 
and walked into the station mumbling something about small town 
business practices.  Inside the station there was an eerie looking 
attendant waiting for her.  She asked him for ten dollars worth of gas 
and went to the rear of the store to grab something to eat.  While she 
was there she couldn't help noticing how the attendant kept glancing 
out the window towards her car.  Becoming nervous, she quickly finished 
her food selections and went up to the front to pay for them.  After 
receiving her change she turned to leave only to find the attendant 
blocking her only way out.  She unsuccessfully tried to get around him. 
 He gripped her hand and dragged her behind the counter.  She opened 
her mouth to scream but the attendant quickly slapped his 
grease-stained hand over it.  Her heart raced as he leaned in close 
enough for her to be able to smell his onion-coated breath. 

“I need to tell you something,” he rasped.  But Shelley didn't let him
finish; she kneed him in the groin and sprinted out the door to her 
car.  She fumbled with her keys as she saw the attendant coming towards 
her.  She finally shoved the right one into the lock and jerked open 
the door.  She threw her purse across the car to the passenger seat and 
slammed the driver's side door shut.  She rammed the key into the 
ignition and pealed out of the station.  As she drove away the 
attendant shouted something at her but she was too frightened to hear. 
As the tears streamed down her cheeks and her sobs were reduced to 
hiccups she picked up her cell phone to call her house and tell her 
sister she would be home in twenty minutes. 

“What's wrong Shell?” 

“Nothing, nothing, just some weirdo at the gas station was coming on to
me and it freaked me out a little bit.” “Are you sure your OK?”  There 

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