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The Sultan - Part 1 (standard:fantasy, 1855 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: ImaginatorUpdated: Jan 05 2006Views/Reads: 3071/1904Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In a land of combined science and magic a young sexually confused prince encounteres his destiny, as Sultan.

The smooth dark face of the manservant, clad in loose folds of green and
gold silk, grinned at the tent formed by the waking prince's stiff 
erection creating a tall shadow in the early morning light.  The 
teenage boy's yawning sleepy brain had not yet noticed the servant 
standing over the bed with a rising bulge of his own that the man was 
trying to fight with all his will.  The sight of the Heir's lean, lithe 
form, with the hard muscles tensing and relaxing as the boy stretched, 
was almost too much for this servant who though he was still young was 
almost a decade older than the young prince. 

The boy's sleepy brain finally noticed the servant hovering by the bed
and he quickly turned onto his side even though his erection was 
already fading.  The sharp featured young man gazed at the servant for 
a moment before saying anything.  The servants bulge had now risen to a 
tent of his own despite his best efforts, but to turn away from royalty 
might mean his death.  The internal conflict showed in his wide, sweat 
rimmed eyes, as he waited to hear the prince's first words.  Those 
words which could mean either his being put to death, or worse, they 
would cut off the offending member and all its attachments. 

"Boyo, come over here, if you would" requested the young Heir.  The
prince's soft developing voice with its clear speech was well on its 
way to become the commanding voice of a Sultan. The manservant with his 
finely developed swordsman's shoulders bowed his head and approached 
the edge of the sleeping platform. His taut leg muscles showing his 
inner tension clearly against the soft green silks he wore. 

Prince Amr Om Rizt did not in fact have any thoughts even close to what
the servant feared.  Rather his thoughts instead nearly mirrored the 
desire of the ruggedly handsome redheaded manservant.  He forced 
control on himself with much better success as his training included 
several Masters of the Art as tutors. Not only could Amr control his 
body by will, he had learned to use that will to direct the magic. Now 
he also used that magic to ease his lifelong friends fear.  To more 
strongly demonstrate his point he put one finger on his lips and 
wrapped the fingers of his other hand around Boyo's stiff erection 
hidden under the loose silk. He held this pose for but a few seconds 
until the soft tap, tap, tap, of palace slippers could be heard nearing 
the Prince's chambers. Boyo's face reddened and he ran off to the 
servant's alcove to let himself reduce to softness. 

Erina, youngest daughter of the Sultan, was just reaching the first
flush of young female youth.  She also happened to be her eldest 
brothers' only confidant and was fully aware of his attraction to other 
men, and more specifically his man servant Boyo.  She rushed into the 
room in wild excitement obviously hoping to catch her older brother 
staring at Boyo. Or perhaps that something would finally happen between 
them. "Amr, good morning!" Erina giggled.  "Anything interesting happen 
this morning?" 

"No!"  Amr's face flushed and he shot her a dark look because Boyo was
probably listening hard to make sure wasn't in trouble. 

"Well anyway, our Great Father wants to see you by the second Chimes,
ok?  I said I would bring you the message and there's not much time 
left."  Erina gave her brother a knowing look. 

Amr glanced at the western wall of the room and could see the line of
sunlight had almost crept down to touch the floor, which he had (of 
course) figured out to be right about the time of the second Chimes.  
He leapt out of the bed not caring if his sister saw him now that he 
was soft, for they had played naked in the waters as all in the country 
did at any age, and rushed to get properly attired as the Sultan 
normally started Court at second Chimes. He looked to Boyo who nodded 
agreement that his hasty dressing in his emerald green, royal purple 
and gold silk kilt, with a gold link chain girding his waist above the 
line of the kilt and a light vest of a net like material that was 
acceptable for court.  He then speeded down the staircase to get to 
Court on time lest his father be angry with him. 

The great Hall of Court was an immense structure dominating the city
from atop Frodo's Rise, so named from an ancient story Amr's 
great-great-great-grandfather had read as a boy in the Palace Library.  
An immense ring of blue pillars held a shining white marble cornice 
crowned by a glittering golden dome.  This had been the crowning 

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