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Meaning of Life? you know it? (standard:poetry, 460 words)
Author: HiddenRomanceAdded: Feb 06 2001Views/Reads: 3464/8Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About meaning of life. Please feel free to comment (please no obscenities, i have enough of that in school)


I contemplate the meaning of life...... Do I have what I want/need? What
do I want/need?? 

A question that has been on the mind of all people , will there be an
answer? What will we find? The cure for cancer? A way to avoid death Is 
that all to life? JUST LIVING??? Is life so simple? Why live forever? 
Without MEANING? What shall we do to find the meaning of life? But not 
just the meaning in WORDS but the TRUE meaning! For without meaning why 
should we live? For love? For life itself? For PLEASURE? FUN? 

But without love of life , there is no "pleasure" or "fun" ! Without
valuing life , there is no sense of 


What do we live for? What do we love for? Is that everything we want? Is
that everything we NEED? Is there ANYTHING we need? Do we need food? Do 
we need friends? DO WE NEED LOVE? Do.We.Need. 


So what do we live for? Why live? Should we live? Is there God? 

YES! For I believe truly with all my heart without doubt without
accusations without hurt 

I BELIEVE IN GOD For why should we give away this precious gift That in
love he has Given FREELY to us Were we worthy? What did we do to 
deserve it? NOTHING! But we live today, only for HIS love Not for love 
of man But for HIS love For, in his love and grace He sent his only son 
to save US 

Will you now give away your life so easily? What is the meaning of life?
What do we want? Is it MONEY? What is money worth? You cannot eat it 
You cannot use it for anything It does NOTHING IT HAS NO WORTH So why 
do we need it We don't need it! We must separate our wants And needs So 
many people DON't KNOW WHAT THEY WANT Though with their lips they say 
they want That certain "something" In their hearts they find That what 
they asked for They don't want They DON'T NEED Why is it so? 

Why are we so stupid? 

Isn't that everything you want? 

Isn't that everything you need? 


For everything you want 


YOU.....      need 

What we want? What we need? I have come to conclusion On the meaning of
life I know what I want I know what I need 

I      Need	 GOD 

And you  , my brother can also experience     His 


Come , do not lay in wait for your needs to find you Instead Seek them
out And fulfill them 

SEEK GOD SEEK HIM And also , with Him You will find 



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