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Star Trek TNG: Old Friends (standard:Fan Fiction, 12079 words)
Author: KirkAdded: Mar 19 2006Views/Reads: 3342/2402Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
While on a medical mercy mission, the Enterprise encounters a 100-year-old mystery.

Star Trek TNG: Old Friends 

By Kirk 


"Captain's Log, Stardate 46526.3. The Enterprise is on an emergency
mission to Utari IV, an isolationist system on the far side of the Vani 
Nebula. An unexpected virus has decimated hundreds of thousands of 
inhabitants on that planet in the last 3 weeks. It is spreading at an 
exponential rate and could claim the rest of the population within 
days. We are transporting the only known serum that has been found to 
be effective against this disease. Since the nebula disrupts most of 
the ship's systems, the Enterprise has been forced to skirt the edge of 
the nebula instead of taking the most direct route. I have asked Mr. La 
Forge for the highest sustainable warp until we reach Utari IV." 


"Mr. Data, what's the ETA to the Utari system?" asked Captain Jean-Luc

"Two hours and four minutes at warp 9.15, Sir," answered the golden

"Geordi, what's the status of the warp engines?" asked Commander William

"They'll get us there, Commander, but we're going to need maintenance
while in orbit," answered the Chief Engineer over the Com system. 

"Captain, we are receiving a hail from Utari IV. It is from Viceroy
Willim," said Chief Security Officer Worf. 

"On screen, Lieutenant," ordered Picard. 

The view screen came to life and the image of a male humanoid with
elephant sized ears appeared. 

"Enterprise, are you reading this transmission?" pleaded Viceroy Willim.

"Yes, Viceroy, we're reading you," replied Picard. 

"Captain, how much longer before you reach us? In the last hour alone
over half a million people have died in hospitals all over the planet. 
By the end of the day we will have lost one fifth of the population, 

Picard and Riker exchanged looks as Will jumped up out of his seat and
headed toward the turbo lift. "Engineering," he snapped, as the doors 
slid shut. 

"We're still two hours away, Viceroy. We'll do everything possible to
reduce that time." 

"Thank you Captain." Willim said as the screen switched back to a star

"Picard to sick bay." 

"Sick bay here, Captain," answered Chief Medical Officer Beverly

"Do you have everything you need to make this transfer of the serum?"
Picard asked. "The virus is spreading even faster than the worst 

"Mr. Worf has coordinated the distribution of the serum through six
cargo bays. From there it will be beamed to the designated coordinates 
as each one comes into transporter range." 

"Thank you, Dr. Crusher." Picard said. "Mr. Worf. Make absolutely
certain you have anticipated every contingency. I want this transfer to 
go as quickly as possible without disruptions." 

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