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Erm well i havent yet come up with a name yet. (standard:fantasy, 2272 words)
Author: Q10_rossAdded: May 25 2006Views/Reads: 2611/1658Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Erm well its just the prolouge and chapter one, because i thought i'll send them first to see if you all like it, so erm well yeah lol, so please submit it and read it.

Prologue: History 

“I have no idea where I am or who's body I posses but I do know this, I
still have my power. I can feel it flowing from my soul into this new 
body, I can feel this body accepting me and letting itself get 
stronger, even now as I explain this to you. The pain is unbearable, my 
muscles are expanding but with pain, everything comes with a 
consequence, when I asked for eternal life to the gods I didn't mean 
eternal pain from switching bodies and seeing friends and family wither 
away of old age. I have even taken their bodies, friends, family and 
foes, their souls are released to go into a new life while my soul 
steals their body. The system works like this. I can not spiritually 
die, my soul will always live on, but bodies of flesh can die. My soul 
needs life force just as every soul needs, so it needs to be in a body 
of some kind, it doesn't matter which race, because every race has the 
gift of life force. So I could be anything from a human to an orc, an 
elf to a dwarf. I have been nearly every race you can think of. There 
is only a couple which I haven't been and one of them is the Nectron, 
this race are also known as ‘Servant's Of All Gods' which is actually 
true, and that is why I can not be one of them, because all the gods 
put this curse upon me, and I curse them so but then again this is what 
I wanted they have just twisted it and manipulated it. The other race 
who I haven't been but can be if I choose to search for them are called 
the Klav. As legend say they were the first created on this world by 
the gods as test subjects, but the gods at the end of their tests gave 
them a choice: One, they could leave this world and search for another 
world where they could live in harmony. Two, they could stay here on 
this world and live with their other creations like humans, elves, orcs 
etc but they couldn't promise they would live in harmony. Three, become 
the gods slaves. The Klav didn't choose any of the options they decided 
they will destroy the gods. The gods had made the Klav very powerful, 
giving them everything, from magic to breeding dragons. They were a 
power to be reckon with, that's why the gods stopped their testing and 
gave them the choices hoping the Klav haven't realized how powerful 
they have become. But because the Klav became so powerful they managed 
to stop the gods from controlling their minds, and yes the Klav did 
know how powerful they were, that's why they waged war with the gods so 
there for came the mighty war that lasted for centuries. The Chronic 
Wars. The gods created all the races that exists today to fight the 
Klav, but they were still to strong. No one knows what happened to 
them, there are legends say that the gods destroyed them, other legends 
say that they barely exist anymore, others say they both broke the war 
and now today the Klav are living in harmony somewhere across the 
world. I believe my own theory, they live somewhere in the clouds, and 
the war is still waging but not as bad as it once did, both are still 
having little skirmishes here and there but no large scale battles. But 
oh well hey, one day I might be one of them. But until then I just have 
to do with this new human body, my true body is locked away never to 
see again in the Grand Hall Of The Gods. I was originally a half elven 
or half human what ever people call them, but I don't care what I am no 
more because I have been so many other races over the years it just 
doesn't matter to me. I lay here now on the cold floor with sweat all 
over this body and plus I was naked which has never surprised me since 
the first few times because I have grew accustomed to it. I spit out a 
loud moan as I struggle to get up from the muscles that have just grew 
in this body. I finally stand up and take in my surroundings. I am in a 
nice little study, another body with a arrow in its back lies on the 
floor also naked. I smile to myself; it was the body that I was in 
before it died, I looked where the arrow came from and it was a little 
trap a trigger when the chair getting pulled out a arrow lets loose, I 
should of seen it but because I had been drinking and smoking elfweed I 
didn't realize. I looked into a huge mirror that was opposite me, and 
smiled to myself again, I was pretty hansom with jet black hair, blue 
eyes, a cute little smile, slim and a six pack(but that always happen 
with everybody I become, because it is muscle from my original body). 
Hairless chest, hairless legs and hairless everything part from my head 
hair. Pretty weird, the man who owned this body must've shaved.....a 
lot. Even the pubes were gone, but then again I usually shave them 
because it makes the dick look bigger. And talking about sizes, it is 
rather smaller then I usually have. But then again best things come out 
of smaller packages. I smile at that little quote, one my friends who 
was a dwarf always used to say that. Ahh, we went on quite a few 
adventures together and he lived many years for a dwarf. About 268 
years he lived. He was one of the few who knew about my secret because 
he watched it. But he understood me and he was a true friend. Tears 

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