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Star Trek TOS: Ruse - Prologue (standard:Fan Fiction, 1286 words) [1/10] show all parts
Author: KirkUpdated: Aug 12 2006Views/Reads: 3264/2027Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Romulans may have something up thier sleeve and Starfleet isn't taking any chances.

Note from the author: This is a story I wrote a few years ago but have
no real outlet to present to people. If you are a fan of the original 
Star Trek series, I hope you will read it and let me know what you 

The story itself takes place early in Kirk's command of the Enterprise,
before he and Spock have become good friends. McCoy is Kirk's only real 
close friend at this point. This story is long so I'm going to post it 
in chapters over several days. 

I hope you enjoy it. 


Star Trek: “Ruse” 

Copyright 2004 All rights reserved. 


Turvan surveyed the land of his forefathers, passed down from generation
to generation in his family since The Arrival. To the West were the 
S'lor Mountains, untouched and pristine. His Father, a long-term member 
of the Senate, had taken him and his older brother Maec, to the base of 
the S'lors to hunt and sharpen their tracking skills. Many such trips 
were spent hunting the mu'chat, a wolf like creature, venomous and 
extremely aggressive. It was one of only a few true predators 
indigenous to ch'Rihan, the name the Rihannsu, ‘The Shunned', gave this 
world when they arrived. On one such trip, Turvan managed to spear one, 
but failed to heed his older brothers warning about finishing it off 
before attempting to remove the spear. The mu'chat bit him on the leg, 
ripping the flesh badly. Maec had to subdue the mu'chat while 
attempting to free Turvan. He was rewarded by receiving a bite of his 
own before the creature succumbed. There sat two youths, one bleeding 
badly, and both poisoned by the creature because he was too impatient 
to wait for it to die. It was a lesson he would remember for the rest 
of his life. Luckily for them, their Father heard the commotion or the 
Praetor would not have had the privilege of he and his brother's life 
long service. 

To the South were the crystal blue waters of Lake R'ulon. He closed eyes
as memories of he and his brother swimming and fishing away long hot 
days waiting their Fathers return from the capital city. Many times 
when they got bored, they swam across the lake to the property of 
another Senator who had the prettiest daughter in school. Turvan and 
Maec vied for her affections and she always led them on. After years of 
her courting both, she married a cousin of the Praetor. That rebuff 
ended the brothers from ever seriously seeking a true mate. 

To the East was the first base camp where The Arrival took place. It
looked much closer than it really was with the ships still standing 
tall in the same spots that they landed. Most Rihannsu moved south 
after the landings seeking a warmer climate year round, much like their 
planet of origin. The winter could be quite harsh here in the Northern 
planes. His forefathers stayed to stake claim to the entire valley and 
tame the land. ch'Havran, ch'Rihans' sister planet was rising. It's 
hard baked, rocky surface of the one side, always pointed to their sun. 
That side was now facing ch'Rihan and was nearly full. The dark side 
was home to billions of Rihannsu and Reman. 

To the North were the grain fields and pastures, home to many
domesticated animals. Turvan didn't pretend to be a farmer. There were 
plenty of agricultural androids to maintain the crops. The surplus was 
given away. His servants took care of the livestock and butchering 
needed to maintain a full stasis room of food in his home. He stood on 
the front porch of his ancient house. It has stood for nearly 150 
generations and housed many military heroes and senators of his 
bloodline in the Rihannsu Star Empire. He marveled at its simplicity 
and ease to maintain. It consisted of two levels. The surface level was 
for the inviting spring, warm summers, and cool early falls, while the 
underground dwelling was for the harshness of winter. A wave of regret 
came over him as the realization sank in that unless something changed 
soon, this land would pass to another family at the choosing of the 
Praetor, for neither he, nor his dead brother Maec, had an heir. Wives 
could not enjoy ownership through death. Only the surviving children, 

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