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The Greedy Man Poem (standard:poetry, 171 words)
Author: i.luv.uAdded: May 02 2007Views/Reads: 4455/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
hey, this is a poem i wrote when i was like 8 or something thats why its not very good, but it will have to do until i finish my story. id luv some feedback anyway!

There once was a man called Ned Needy 

Who was definately the most greedy 

Man on the earth 

He was like that from birth 

He never gave gold to the needy 

He had piles and piles of money 

Which he wasted on very sweet honey 

He was really quite fat 

And in actual fact 

He really did look very funny 

The poor would ask him for cash 

But he would just say "Flabberdash!" 

He would send them away 

Without any pay 

And continue to study his sash 

One day when he was awalking 

Ned was about to start talking 

To a man dressed in red 

With a rock as a head 

Then Ned Needy just stood there gawking 

The man with a rock for a head 

Whose name was actually Fred 

Got very annoyed 

Because he couldnt avoid 

That horrible man called Ned 

Ned got very offended 

And then old Ned Needy ended 

By losing his cool 

When pushed in a pool 

By the man with a rock for a head


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