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Maybe in heaven I can sleep. (standard:fantasy, 605 words)
Author: MinipaxxAdded: Jun 29 2007Views/Reads: 2717/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Super short fantasy about avoidance and imagination.

I was walking to my truck this morning. When it was as if i was turned
upside down with my feet firmly planted on the ceiling. and this was 
only the begging of my confusion for u see the ceiling was not truly 
there at all, in fact it was like walking upside down 10 feet in the 
air on a completely transparent surface the sky below me the ground 
above me, and at that time all rules and laws of the physical world 
left me and I felt that i was capable of anything. So I began to run 
and run faster than any human on earth is capable of. And I ran and ran 
and just kept on running for what seemed like days but In ever once 
felt tired nor did I wish to stop it felt like flying. It felt like 
freedom, and at the very pentacle of that moment the moment in which i 
was happiest. I realized that the one thing I could not do was to jump, 
now don't get me wrong I could in fact use my legs to push off of this 
substance, or sort of improvised floor I suppose u could call it, but 
the ground being directly above me and the limitations of my human 
strength and abilities being cast off of me made it very clear that if 
i were to jump that I would smash head first into the ground and with 
the realization that if I hit the ground or an unmovable object being 
what the ground represented at this time, I would surly die. For u see 
I was moving faster than I had ever moved before. And not just while 
running either, I was very sure that I was in fact moving faster than 
my physical body had ever been pra-paled by any and all means of 
travel. So it was at the moment I decided to stop running I just stood 
there for a brief moment. Thinking about nothing. Thinking about 
everything and I simply fell backwards slowly not bothering to catch 
myself at all and at the instance in which I expected a collision 
between Floor and myself there was nothing, nothing at all. And so I 
just kept on falling and falling. Further and faster upwards away from 
the ground away from the one thing I could not control or overcome it 
was if I willed myself away from the only thing that offered any sort 
of resistance to me at all and I did not stop or consider stopping, 
because after all were should I stop. Eventually I fell away from the 
earth itself and all the heavens and Majesties of space were before me, 
and yet I remained as I was falling upwards farther and faster each 
moment content to fall away forever and ever, or until It was my 
decision to stop, and it was at that moment I had yet another 
realization. What if i could not stop? I had never done this before 
what if I was unable to stop myself from this eternity. This self 
imposed self allowed eternal drift through time and space, and for a 
moment i was afraid. So In that fear I decided to fall forever and 
always. I closed my eyes and fell never once did I bother to sneak a 
peek and take in the beauty's and the wonders of the unknown. No not 
once for u see I was content doing the very thing I knew that I could 
and wished not to be interrupted with the possibilities of things i 
could not...


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