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Far From Paradise (standard:fantasy, 3728 words)
Author: Lauren H.Added: Aug 27 2007Views/Reads: 2847/1890Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is actually three chapters taken from the middle of a very long series of chapters about a make believe island in the Caribbean during the 1400s. It is a story of adversity and survival.

Far From Paradise 

In the year 1492 on an isolated unknown island somewhere in the
Caribbean, lived two villages full of natives. The island was eight 
miles wide and fifteen miles long. It was surrounded on all sides but 
one by sandy beaches. Inhabited villages were located on the south and 
west side of the island. The center of the island was covered by dark 
jungle and very mysterious. For many years neither village was aware of 
the other one. But in the year 1489 this changed. People from the south 
village came to the west village. After that the two tribes found ways 
to visit back and forth. Trade and marriage between people of the 
tribes was established. Then the villagers from both tribes began to 
explore the sea around them. But they had not yet sailed the entire 
length of their island. 

One day a young couple in the west village named Jero and Huka asked
permission to take one of the villages small boats to travel to the 
south village. They had not been among those who had traveled back and 
forth before. They were childhood sweethearts and newlyweds. The 
honeymoon time for them was nearly over. They had their own corner of a 
communal sleeping hut and established jobs in the village. 

Often they found that they were bored and both wanted to see a new
place. Permission was freely given by Dohate the village leader. Like 
others who had gone before them they were asked to carry small gifts, 
supplies and tribal news to the south village. It was getting close to 
the rainy season. Travel must be done now because soon the weather 
would not permit. That night before they made love, Jero and Huka 
packed a few of their belongings. They were too excited to go to sleep. 
They lay in one another's arms and whispered until morning's first 

A few hours later a goodbye breakfast was held in their honor.
Immediately afterwards they were escorted by a crowd of excited 
villagers to their boat which was nearly half full of gifts and 
supplies. They looked so young. The village elders almost hated to see 
them go. Often young people traveled to the south village and stayed 
there finding a new home. Jero and Huka were young adults ready to 
start a family. But they still looked like the angelic children they 
had been since birth. Both of them fair-haired, with golden-tanned 

Jero looked at the sky. He licked his index finger and held it to the
air. The sky was cloudy and the wind was mild and playful, blowing from 
the south. Jero's uncle Maui told them it would be easy to get to the 
south side. He said, "Just stay away from the big rocks and the coral 
reefs that line the shores of the island." He explained that to get 
there safely Jero and Huka must paddle out some distance from the 
island and look carefully for the gaps that would allow them to come in 
to shore when near the south side. 

They set off and carefully paddled the allotted distance. They drifted
along as straight as possible for several minutes. Jero silently 
praised the Spirit Gods when he saw the shore of the south side in the 
distance. Then quite suddenly the wind picked up and the waves began to 
get choppy. "A storm is coming Jero", Huka exclaimed. The storm came on 
more rapidly. The sky began to cloud over and the wind was getting 

Jero cried, "Paddle harder Huka!" Huka did her best but the small boat
was being shoved further and further from the shore. "Keep paddling, 
we'll make it!" Jero shouted, trying to make himself heard over the 
tumultuous wind and thunder. But it was no use. The storm hit with full 
force and the small boat was driven off course. It was all the young 
couple could do to keep from falling overboard. They had to give up 
paddling and hold tightly to the sides of the boat which was rocking 

The rain and wind attacked them like a wild beast, pummeling their
bodies while taking their breath. Salty sea water splashed into their 
mouths. They coughed and sputtered, fearing for their lives. It seemed 
like several hours had passed before the storm subsided and the water 
grew calmer. The sky cleared a bit and the young couple could see the 
storm moving away in the distance. They could not see the island. There 
was nothing but sea all around them. They had no idea how far they had 

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