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Vaoklin's Rise (Part 1) (standard:fantasy, 27859 words)
Author: NeilsonAdded: Oct 15 2007Views/Reads: 2875/2429Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Vaoklin Aridene takes power of the neighboring country of Fandaria and begins his rise of conquering the island of Drakolva.

in a land far, far away, there lived a man named Vaoklin Aridene, a
descendent of a powerful woman that once lived in the city of Lenos. 
The City of Lenos was a well built city in an old nation called the 
Lerona Lands. To the East of the old nation of Lerona Lands, there was 
the powerful nation of Fandaria. Fandaria was built before the Lerona 
Lands and was defended well. Those two nations were in a large single 
isle along with other races. The Lerona Lands and Fandaria were human 
races. A land to the north called ¡°Densai¡± were a reptilian race 
known as the Tragan races, the true natives of this land. The land of 
the west was the Elf races. All together, the land was called Drakolva 
land. Drakolva meant Reptilian lands in the Tragan language which now 
is rarely spoken. Even Tragans don¡¯t speak this language anymore; but 
now, combining from the Tragan Language of Drakolvan, the Elves 
language of Englisch, and the Britonian Human Tribes language of 
Englisch. This new language was called the Modern Language although 
most of this is composed of Englisch. 

The land of Drakolva had a long history. Drakolva means Land of Lizards
in the Tragan language. The land used to belong to the Tragan lizards 
that had always lived there. Tragans were these large lizards that are 
actually smart and built their own cities. Basically, they were 
civilized lizards. Then later, Britonian humans from a distant land and 
Gonen elves from another land traveled to this newly discovered land. 
(Gonen meant royal in their old language.) The two races adapted and 
lived together peacefully and learned to speak each other¡¯s language. 
They spoke Britonian or ¡°Englisch.¡± The Englisch were the main tribe 
that migrated to Drakolva. They divided into many other tribes 
according to the way they look and what they agreed upon.  The Tragan 
did not like this though. They wanted their lands that they¡¯ve lost 
and they fought against these two races. Later, the humans and the 
elves decided to live separately, and so they separated to an eastern 
land and a western land. 

There was once a great mage called Handun. He was a Tarkan elf and he
mastered many different skills. He was an excellent mage and he taught 
other elves as well what he knew. How he got into power was when he 
destroyed a Southern city of what name I¡¯ve forgotten. It was a well 
built city to the west of Vaoklin¡¯s land of Lerona. The city¡¯s people 
were rich and greedy. They were humans once¡­ And was expelled to a 
skull shaped island south west from Drakolva. The people were killed by 
Handun and that enraged the Traga Densai race. They invaded Handun¡¯s 
land of Tarka. The invasion gave birth to a brutal three decade war. 
The wars went on and on but no one gave up. The mage Handun brought an 
end to the war by creating a large sandstorm with his power. That of 
course, killed everyone in that area, including him. 

The Great Sandstorm of Handun brought peace to the lands. The
battlefield became a desert and was called ¡°The Desert of Handun.¡± 
Handun was buried near the sea in the desert as he wished¡­ To be 
buried near an ocean and the sands of his own power. (I know that 
doesn¡¯t make sense.) The Elves of Tarka were greatly saddened by his 
death, and mourned him. 

Meanwhile at the east¡­ the city of Lenos of Lerona¡¯s Land, a power
rose up by one man. His name was Vaoklin Aridene. His nation is called 
Lerona¡¯s Land because of the rebellion of a far greater city led by 
his ancestor Lerona Aridene. Ah, he became mayor of the city because of 
his intelligence and knowledge and so he waged war against the Kingdom 
of Fandaria. He gained military power from convincing Lerona¡¯s Land to 
fight against these Fandarians, and he took the swastika that meant 
life and perverted it by bending its arms the other way. I am that man, 
and I really wanted power. 

Lerona¡¯s Land was unofficially independent from Fandaria. That¡¯s why I
was a mayor, if we really were independent, I would be a king or other 
royal ranks. It was crowded and there wasn¡¯t much room for farming. We 
became angry and we demanded Fandaria to give us more land. They 
ignored us and so we became frustrated. 

There was then the army of Lerona, and of course, there was me. I wore a
winged helmet and armour. I wield a sword and a tower shield. I also 
knew fire magic. I was able to go into a new elemental form which made 
me into a great ball of fire with a shadow of me in the inside. It only 
happens when I feel very powerful or angry, but that was much later. 

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