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My Another Fantasy (standard:fantasy, 321 words)
Author: yChEnAdded: Nov 20 2008Views/Reads: 2934/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
shit it HUrts!!


it's been a while since i parked my pen for sharing some feelings that i
coudn't just pretend sharing some this sharing some that laughters and 
tears fantasies that never lasts 

for now was an experience i've been through there was once a favorite
playmate whom i knew lovable, sweet and caring indeed i love him so yet 
for sure you knew well who's Hu i am talking to 

frustrations was he felt for loosing a game and so i became a tamer to a
face of tame 'till i notice i am falling for him and so we both was 
starting another game 

the fact that i love him so i do thought would never last for i thought
he was kindda' true but the bitter fact- for him it was just damn lust! 

i've been true to him yet i never hide anything but all i have just
gained was pain and tears in return 

this such game, i was lost for i became so impetous in this playground i
thought was heaven but it was a larce hell i had been 

when he's gone, i thought it all ended but i've just realized that it
never fades a love that i once threw is now again making me so blue 

oh! God.. help me to overcome this all i don't want to become another
immature the fact that am just goin' to struggle and i will never win 
into the battle 

i hate to admit that 'till now i do stil love him but this fact has no
guarantee i may win coz' i know he would just be playing and my heart 
would just be suffering 

it's because i am just this and she's all that i don't have anything for
him to feel so glad so he will stay as my another fantasy in his loving 
arms, is where i dreamt to be... 


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