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once again (standard:poetry, 209 words)
Author: A. J. MarchAdded: Jul 14 2009Views/Reads: 2637/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
its about the pain of trying to break a deadly habit

A tear slides silently down my blank face. Outside I'm hard as stone.
Inside I'm struggling with the self- conflict I've avoided for so long. 
Hiding works no longer. The time has come to decide. The blade laughs 
at me, gleaming in the light, shining menacingly. The skin on my wrist, 
scarred repeatedly. My soul rips, I break. My broken, torn soul leaking 
from my eyes onto the floor in front of me. I stare out of the window, 
suddenly compelled to look. A dove, on the window sil, singing sweetly. 
Yet the noise doesnt enter the room. I close my eyes again, time for 
the finale, of my life. no more tears to cross my cheeks on their 
journey to the floor, cold metal touches my skin. I'm weak. The blade 
falls to the ground with a metalic clang. No more. No more of the pain 
I've hidden behind for so long. No more of the comfort of seeing the 
blood slide down my porcelain wrist. No more desperate calling for THIS 
time to be the last. No more. I smile this time. The first time in a 
long time. I'm done. Urges will come. I will struggle, and I will be 
victorious. Defeat is not an option. 


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