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Insider (standard:drama, 580 words)
Author: daveAdded: Sep 03 2015Views/Reads: 3454/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy grows up in a small town, experiences bullying and moves away. He comes back years later and deals with his bullies constructively.


My name is David, I was born in a crazy town called Minhang just outside
of Shanghai. When I was a kid I tried to be nice, but I saw other kids 
doing bad things ­ bullying kids like me. In fact I was bullied quite a 
lot ­ I was always nervous and angry around the bullies, and for a long 
time I wanted revenge. I moved from Minhang to get away for awhile and 
now I am older. Eventually I moved back to Minhang, but the bullies are 
still there. 

I had moved to my cousin's house and went to another school when I was
ten years old. My cousin lived in another town not too far away from 
Minhang. I had a good time there and my cousin taught me a lot of 
things. After five years I moved back to my old town where I was born - 
I was now fifteen years old. I lived with my family again and planned 
to work in the local tire factory and save some money. In five years 
the little town has grown ­ there are more tall buildings and shopping 
centres there, and Minhang looked a little safer than before. 

Today I had to go to the shopping centre to buy a new shirt for work. I
saw a group of kids there hanging around outside the arcade smoking 
cigarettes and laughing loudly. They looked like they were making 
trouble. As I walked by them, the biggest kid saw me ­ it was the same 
bully who used to beat me up when I was younger. 

The fat bully walked over, stepping very close to me and announced, “I
know you! Where have you been, did you run away? I`m gonna beat you up 
like I did before.” 

I looked into his eyes, my heart pounded and replied quietly at first,“I
remember you ­ you bullied me and all the other kids and made the town 
people angry just for fun...” My voice grew louder with confidence, 
“...that`s why we called you Meathead!” 

The fat bullỳs face went red as he shouted, “I'm not a Meathead,
my name is Ko Ko!” 

Ko Ko swung his fist to hit me, but I ducked his haymaker punch and
stepped sideways. Ko Ko's fist flew over my head missing me and he 
stumbled. He tripped over my foot as he went past. 

Oops! Meathead fell on the pavement hard and started sobbing! I was
shocked ­ I beat him and I couldn't believe that he was crying. I 
almost felt sorry for him. 

I reached down and offered Ko Ko a hand and helped him get up. “Are you
OK?” I asked him gently, “Sorry about that.” I added. 

Ko Ko got up and brushed himself off, saying, “I have never been beat in
a fight before. How do you know how to move like that? Do you know 
Kung­Fu or something? Can you show me?” 

I smiled and answered, “I learned some moves from my cousins in Minhang,
I'd love to teach you, but only as a friend.” 

Ko ko smiled and shook my hand slowly and respectfully, “yes, as a

Then Ko Ko introduced his friends to me, “This is Johnny, Justin, Bobby,
and Mars.” 

“Hey guys, I'm David.” I shook hands with Ko Ko's friends. 

After the introductions, Ko Ko asked, “Do you want to hang out with us?”

“Sure!”, I answered. 

To be continued...


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