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Presentiment (standard:drama, 1045 words) [1/6] show all parts
Author: Shaela129Updated: Jun 27 2001Views/Reads: 3292/2135Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I, Shaela, would ask for all of my family's burdens to my burdens so that they maybe happy. I am the lonely one. The one who is always unattached.


Chapter 1 

Shelving books and magazines is not my definition of a job.  Don't get
me wrong it is a job, a very fulfilling job for some but not for me.  I 
need something more technical. Something more time and energy 
consuming. Work study is all I can fathom because majoring in 
biochemistry is more than I expected but I can handle anything.  I have 

"Marc Jackson who lives on Lemon St.?" says this girl in the purple and
yellow polka dot shirt. 

"Yes," said the other girl while they were sitting in the periodicals,
"he played basketball at St. Juliana but now he's playing at Michigan." 

Of the conversation that's all I hear and ironically that's all I needed
to hear.  He grew up directly around the block from me.  He on Lemon St 
and I on Cherry St.  I always knew him and liked him but no matter how 
much he asked I wouldn't be his girlfriend.  Besides we were just kids 
and he was a year younger.  In those days a year younger was like being 
ten years younger, it wasn't happening. 

They couldn't be referring to the same Marc Jackson.  That would be too
much of a coincidence being that I had been secretly driving down the 
street where I knew his father lived hoping he would be home from 
school and we could have that chance meeting.  You see, he had seen my 
sister not too long ago and asked her about me.  Is this a sign?  Can 
what I am actually looking for be looking for me?  With my luck in love 
I sincerely doubt it. 

Chapter 2 

Before I can move on to a new love I still have issues to resolve from
my first love.  My first "Love" had been my first everything.  Robert 
and I had been a match made in heaven.  He was tall, dark and a 
different, unique kind of handsome.  He gave me the type of affection 
women dream about.  The most beautiful eyes and sincerest thoughts were 
my attraction to him.  Also his gorgeous hands.  I like nice looking 
hands and necks on a man.  Call me different but those body parts are 
sexy to me and he had them both. 

I knew Robert's feelings were true to me.  So, for Valentine's Day I
gave him something no one else could claim and when I asked him to stop 
he completely understood and waited patiently until I was ready. 

Robert's home life wasn't an ideal one.  His Dad was not the supporting
type of Dad.  If Robert's mom hadn't ran off and left him with his Dad, 
I'd wonder if they would have a relationship at all.   So my family 
became Robert's family.  Which caused me even more pain when our 
relationship ended. 

Robert wanted me to stay in while he partied his senior year of high
school.  With me being a year older than he, he worried about my 
college campus temptations.  I believe this became my first true lesson 
in Love 101.  It wasn't me who dipped into the temptation but it was 
he.  That temptation led to a wife and child with me here alone. 

It's 1995 and Robert and I have been apart for three years now. So my
main focus has become my family. My niece just turned three years old.  
I hate, sometimes, that my brother in law is in the Navy.  It's months 
before I see my sister or my niece but I wouldn't change a thing about 
their life.  One good thing about it is that Milton would go out to sea 
for six months so my sister and my niece would come home for that time. 
 But then the sadness of them having to leave again would come all too 

I would ask for all of my family's burdens to my burdens so that they
maybe happy.  I am the lonely one.  The one who is always unattached.  
My younger brother and sister are still in high school so there love 
life isn't really one yet but I will take on their burdens too.  You 
see I am the strong one.  The middle child.  I can handle it all.  
Atleast I think I can. 

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