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The Arrival (standard:science fiction, 12841 words)
Author: ranwolfAdded: Sep 22 2000Views/Reads: 3524/3995Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Baced partially on Christy Smith-Hayden's Gargoyles fanfiction storyline. A new gargoyle appears mysteriously at Castle Wyvern. Who is He and what does he want? (Some violence and language)

The Arrival by Ranwolf( The Ionic

Buena Vista/Disney owns the Gargoyles characters and concept. These
characters are not ours, they are being used without the knowledge 
and/or consent of Buena Vista. No money is being made, so there is no 
point in a lawsuit. The characters of Avery Bishop, Tina Harris, Crim, 
and Natty Jones are the soul properties of Christy Smith-Hayden, and 
are used with her consent(Though I get the feeling she might have 
forgotten. *shrugs*). Christine and Davida(better known as Belinda) is 
the property of Jewel Faukler. Nic Maza was created by Ranwolf, Miyabe 
Tendo is owned by Ionic, and all other characters belong to their 
rightful owners. 

Though this story takes place within the boundaries of Christy
Smith-Hayden's universe, it will have no impact on her stories. 
Consider this an alternate reality. 

WARNING: There are places within the story the authors go for some cheap


There was a incredible flash of green and blue light, followed by a
eerie silence while before there was a rhythmic hum. The sensation of 
freefall was then replaced by agonizing pain that permeated throughout 
his body. His brain partially shuts down to compensate the overload of 
sensations, only after he slammed into the ground. 

Before the darkness overtook his pain-filled mind, he felt both fear and
helplessness. Fear over being found by the Quarrymen and  helplessness 
because he knew he was too weak to take a few of the bastards with him 
and avenge his clan. 

Soon, blessed oblivion over took him and the pain disappeared. 


David Xanatos was in his office, looking over some financial reports
from his over seas business dealings. His ever present assistant, Owen 
Burnett, was sitting in a seat on the other side of the large mahogany 
desk, taking notes of things he felt he should personally check on. His 
cellular phone began to ring. Owen closed the file, placing it on the 
desk in front of him and answered. 

"Owen Burnett speaking..." The blond man paused as the person on the
other side spoke. "I see. I'll inform Mr.Xanatos. Continue monitoring." 
He deactivated the phone and put it away. "Mr.Xanatos, I've just been 
informed of something you may find interesting." 

"What would that be Owen?," Xanatos asked not looking up from his

"A gargoyle has been found in sub-level ten." 

"What?!" Xanatos looked up from his work a look of mild surprise on his
face. Owen knew his employer was more surprised than he let on. 

"A gargoyle has been found in sub-level ten," the Major-domo repeated.
"He seems to be severely injured and is now in the infirmary on the 
same level." 

"Who is it? Brooklyn? Lexington?" 

"I can not tell you at this time, sir. Dr.Lestat does not recognize this

"Alright, let's get down there and find out what is going on, before
anything unpleasant happens." Xanatos placed the reports he was going 
over in his desk and locked it. He rose from his seat and headed 
directly towards the bullet elevator with Owen right on his heels. 


They arrived in sub-level ten less than a minute later. This level was

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